Monday, June 16, 2008

Packing day.....

Today was spent tackling the boys room. I know I packed a load of boxes but looking at it now it doesn't feel like I even made a dent in it. LOL Oh well, at least more has been packed.

We just took the dogs for a walk, probably not a good idea with my sore throat. Uggghh!! I'm going to have to hunt down some fruit ice lollies. :)) Any excuse to cool down this throat of mine - well it only really hurts when I swallow. It's amazing how often I need to swallow.

While out walking we came across a hen sitting on her chicks. I was taking a peek when a guy came around the corner and his dogs were not on leads. They came bounding for our dogs, mother hen got upset and charged off, the dogs (not ours) then spotted her and chased her. I dove over the chicks because one of his dogs then spotted the little critters. We managed to get mom and chicks back together. Yep, you guessed the boys now want chicks. Uhhmmm, no way!!! She then herded them under a big lavender bush. Shooooo!! At least they'll be safe for now and not somebody's dinner.

Well 11 days until we move. I'm going to drive you nuts until this happens.

Chat soon.


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