Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday's mumblings..........

It's been a busy day!!

We started this morning running late. Oops we forgot to set the alarm clock. We had our first Urban Market up the road from us. It was a mad dash but we made it on time. The day was stunning even though it started out chilly. Eventually sleeves were pushed up and we were thankful for the shade our gazebo provided. And loads of new friends were made.

I was happy for a change as my boro work sold better than the dichroic. It's becoming a competition between hubby and me. LOL It's fun!! There was some yummy food. Vetkoeks and mince, organic veg, pancakes, the faithful boerewors rolls and loads of handcrafted goodies. There was also a fantastic play area for the kiddies. We hardly saw them unless they were looking for money.

Later in the afternoon we went to sign the lease for our new home. Had another good look around. This time I remembered the camera and managed to try and get some pics of the view. We love the view and the size of the garden.

I made a cute focal bead last night but while inspecting it I noticed a teeny crack where the copper mesh had been used. It's very frustrating and sad when that happens. A lot of time and that goes into making a bead, but the kiln is on and I'll see if I have the energy to make another one today.

In the last pic below the post. In the middle of the pic on the horizon is Johannesburgs skyline. Yep, that is how far the view goes.

Hope your weekend is just as relaxing and fun.

Chat soon.....................


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Love the view at your new place, and congratulations on the sales at the market... don't let the boys spend all your profits :-)

Unless I hear otherwise I'm going to be packing up your tongs and sending them on all alone.

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Elaine, I emailed you. :))

We're excited about the new place. Counting the days like Maggie now. Cannot wait to move. Sounds crazy, I know. The 'tongs' would like some frit as a travel companion. LOL

Yep, those boys can spend it as fast as I make it. Thank goodness most of the kiddies play area was for free. Shooooooooo!!!

Chat soon