Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday's ramblings.........

Firstly, a bad night didn't help. Between coughing up a lung and having far too much on my mind, I didn't end up getting to much sleep. Eventually I was out of bed before 7am. I just couldn't try and force myself anymore.

This morning we hit the shops looking for curtains. We have lived without net curtains for 8 years. We haven't really had a need for them here but at the new place we need them. I was very proud of myself. I got the kitchen, dining room and bathroom curtains for just over R300.00 And they look darn good too. As for the other rooms, I was not as lucky to find bargains but our new home will look good.

I now have the kiln firing up and I am going to put my energies into melting glass for a bit and then I'll do some packing.

Hope you're all having a super weekend wherever you are.

Love and peace

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