Thursday, July 10, 2008's cold

It's ice cold!! LOL I wish we had the snow to go with it but we have snow as the excuse. Snow far away on the Drakensburg Mountains.

A little confession for those of you who don't know me that well. I was one of those spoilt South African's with a fulltime Nanny / Maid. Evelyn has become a family member and is very important to all of us. But hard times have struck and we have had to find alternative employment for her and the economic times being as they are I didn't think we would be able to do it. Yesterday, I got a phonecall about her taking on another part-time position. The people sounded nice enough and this morning hubby took her off to meet them. I'm patiently waiting to hear how her day went. So I hope they accept her into their family as she was accepted into ours.

So spoilt doesn't mean I don't know how to do anything. Okay, I'll admit it, I think I am the world's worst ironer. I'm not too sure if the iron and me are going to be best friends but I'll try. LOL I've been cooking dinners and doing my thing.....and end up flat out exhausted at the end of the day. I just have to get used this new life. My heroes are the woman and men who do do it all!!! WOW!! Now I have to squeeze in time for all that glass I need to melt.

Tomorrow is sort of a free day once I have done the washing, dishes, tidying up etc etc. Then I'll be off to fetch the newest edition to our family, well that is the plan. I have found us a Boerboel puppy from a good breeder. This little guy was the smallest out of the litter and was yet to be picked out. We chose him as he needs to be a family dog not some registered show dude. LOL They are good family dogs and protectors. My next step will be finding out about training. I know there is a school just down the road - so I'll give them a call.

The two little baby guineas are doing so well. I am amazed at how quick they progress. Within 24 hours of their births they were already tucking into carrots, apples and the usual foodstuffs just for them. They are way too cute for their own good. I feel a little photo session coming on. It is too cute how they end up sitting in the food bowl. Which reminds me I need to find out if any of the vets in our area could neuter daddy.....not sure I want to start breeding piggies.

My two day workshop went very well. I'm just tired, teaching takes alot out of me as well. To top it all off it's freezing and I don't do cold well at all. LOL. Time to snuggle up in a blankie and keep warm. Even all the kitties are indoors and Smokey has felt the need to sink her claws into the new bedroom curtains. You'd think she was old enough to know better. LOL

Have a super Thursday evening.

Chat soon...................


angelinabeadalina said...

Mich, you'll figure it all out. I'm glad Evelyn has already found another family to share her with you guys. Hey, having a nanny doesn't necessarily make you spoiled, either-- I'll bet it just let you spend time doing other things while Evelyn did household stuff. I say, only iron what you really need to iron, have fun experimenting with ways to schedule the other stuff, and enjoy melting some glass on the days you do have Evelyn :) P.S. Can't wait to see pics of the puppy!

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Ok... here's what I think... does the DH need shirts ironed? Yes, then you must iron 5 shirts... not that hard to do really... collar first, then sleeves.... if it's cold, make him wear sweaters over his shirts... then you only have to iron the collar and the cuffs :-) For the boys and yourself... FORGET ABOUT it.. who cares if kids are wrinkled... nobody... let it go. Oh, I own an iron... but it gets used so rarely... I couldn't right now tell you which closet the thing is in Ha, Ha, Ha.
I too can't wait to see puppy pics.

Quilt Knit said...

Hi! Michelle: You have to iron 6 shirts, one of the five is going to be "not right". No way to determine which one. You will do fine. Yes, visit the vet.
I hope all works out fine. I never got to be the stay at home MOM.
New Puppy? Lot's of work.

Sherrie Roberts