Monday, July 7, 2008

One step closer to normality.....

Wow!!! It's been busy in my world lately. But we had fun and I'm sure my buttox is looking better for it. LOL

Friday, the kids and I headed out early to attend the craft show. On the way there a mom who I know through Brad's school invited us over to their place for the afternoon. We flew through the craft show. No regret from not having a stand - trust me!! We found something funky for the boys to try, it's called PlayMais (a german product, I think) and we found some really cool funky plants. I must take pics of those. They're in the kitchen. The rest of the day was spent at Aidan's home. It was nice catching up and chatting - they are home schooling which is something we're at 99.9% surity of doing. We got home just after 4pm.

Saturday, was spent at the Urban Market in Midrand. It did not go as well as the previous market. Too many things on this weekend and being mid winter doesn't help either. Crossing fingers that it will pick up from next month.

Sunday, I started to mosaic my gecko/lizard. He's looking interesting. LOL Actually started on Saturday night - but worked on him a bit on Sunday morning. Finished a book and went back to the old house to clean up and fetch some plants. We then did a mad dash home to plant the plants over here. My butt got a real work out. I really need to get batteries for the scale. Got a feeling I'm going to lose some weight. Let's hope so.

The boys are back at school. My studio is mostly working. So life is closer to normal or whatever normal is.

Hope you all had a super weekend.

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Hi Shelly
did it go better for you at the next midrand urban market