Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday's ramblings....

It's been a lazy Sunday. Just as they should be. (Big grin)

I snuggled up with a book, went to the farmstall and got some nice yummy things. We came home and ate our fresh farm bread, cherry jam/jelly and home made ginger beer. Extra yummy. LOL Then it was back to snuggling with the book and with Bailey. He's nice and warm. Pity about those smellies he makes - yuck!!! If this dude is farting like this now, I dread it when he's uhmmm bigger.

Hubby and the boys baked biscuits. Peanut butter, custard and sugar cookies. So we'll have a supply for a few days. Not sure they are going to last long. LOL

I thought about melting glass but hey, I can do that tomorrow. I was enjoying my chill day. The sun is setting. It's getting chilly and I'm contemplating an early shower. Get the body all warmed up. Do some washing and tidy up the studio a bit. I want to clear the soft glass so that I can play with boro. My first love when it comes to glass. LOL

It's Brad's 8th birthday next Sunday. Hard to believe this guy was born at 30 weeks, weighed 1.6kg's was ventilated etc. etc. Now he is turning 8 and still giving his mom grey hairs. I'm desperately seeking Kung Fu Panda the PS2 game. I have one last week to find it. LOL It must be popular as it is sold out everywhere.

Next week I've arranged for my dad to cook us a Fillet Potjie (extra yummy), going to grab some of the ribs we all adore and braai them. And get family and friends to bring salads, wine, drinks etc and I'll supply the Pomagranate Martini's - the Mojito bug has not hit us yet. LOL

Keep safe, have a super Sunday.


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angelinabeadalina said...

Your day sounds like it was the perfect relaxing day :) I can almost smell the warm cookies!