Friday, July 11, 2008

Supermom/wife is failing hopelessly

Yep, my supermom/wife cape is MIA. LOL

I had to freshen up a load as it ended up being in the washing machine too long. But it is now out and drying. The second load is in. The bed is made (amazing how that just makes you feel tons better in itself) and the dishwasher is on the go.

At least one puppy is safely home and appears to be happy. If only I can convince Josh that Bailey is a HE and not a SHE!!! LOL Bailey is so comfortable that he is attempting to chew all and sundry. I had better hide all the shoes away and apparently all socks as well. He seems to have a fetish for dirty socks. Yuck!!!

We're having soup tonight. It is so cold that soup sounds like a wonderful idea. Easy too. All of us are trying our best to stay snug and warm.

Thanks for all the tips on ironing. Hmmmm, he might just have to iron his own. Just kidding!! Now if I can get a routine going that would help.

I'll be teaching for two days again. Then a break on Monday, then teaching, Josh's sports day on Wednesday and then Thursday teaching. Not sure how much of a routine I'll be able to get into but once Thursday is over it quietens down for a bit.

There is another tutorial I'm keen to purchase. I love all the artists who are making tutorials available for sale on Etsy. They get to earn good money and I get to learn some new skills. The one I am after is a Pansy tutorial. It beats having to 'dream and wish' another trip to the USA. Which is totally unaffordable right now.

I have also found a Math curriculum that I'm keen on. Math Mammoth. So if anybody has any reviews on it, it would be appreciated.

Off to try the super mom/wife gig .....................later

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angelinabeadalina said...

Sounds like you're getting into the groove...don't worry about the missing cape. I hear it's a myth, anyway :)

Bailey is adorable! Makes me want a puppy.