Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday's manic thoughts........LOL

Firstly, apologies to Elaine and other fellow readers. The day just ran away from me. It didn't help that I typed a long post for an LE thread and that took a while. Especially when I had to hunt down the dictionary. LOL

Got Brad's birthday presents sorted. Hope the guy doesn't hate me. But it is very disheartening shopping for toys and looking at what they charge vs. the approx. lifespan of said toy in this house. He wanted these cool lazer guns. Not too bad at R200.00 as toy guns go. This was for a set - but the guns were connected to the belt thing by a wire. It screamed 'broken within 5 minutes of being taken out of the box'. I couldn't justify spending R200.00 on something which would cause tears and me frustration. Then there was the Star Wars Lego. A teeny box for R240.00 Nothing big at all, I could get a whole megablocks Pirate ship for the same price. Eek!!! It would be built, maybe last a day and then one by one I'm pretty certain the pieces would be AWOL. Just couldn't do it. I know the Star Wars fans are going to hate me. LOL When every penny starts counting, the lifespan of toys becomes a definite issue for me. So we have the Ben 10 PS2 game, Battleships and a book. Possibly another game but we'll see. Kung Fu Panda and Wall E are just too pricey right now. Between R379.00 and R449.00 for a PS2 game. Ouch!! But I so badly want to play the Kung Fu Panda game, so I'm hoping they come down in price one day. LOL

I'm making headway on the homeschooling stuff. I'm finding programmes/curriculums in various subjects to build a stunning curriculum. I'm pretty excited about this. I think it is going to do this whole family good.

Today we are going to have some timeout at Josh's school this afternoon as it is also a place where moms can go for tea and cake while the kids play. Hoping to get a cake baked for Brad's class tomorrow and put a not so healthy mac and cheese together for dinner. Yummy!!

What are you up to??

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Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Good to see you back in the saddle again. Hard for me to put my arms around the 'R' prices... they sound horrid... but then I haven't priced toys here... these days everything is made in China and cheap, cheap, cheaply made and so won't last with boys playing with them. It's just 'stuff' what they'll remember is not the toys, but the Mom that loves them so.