Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Trust and betrayal.....

I'm actually so mad right now, I'm calm. And when that happens I know there is a storm brewing within me!!!

This afternoon I discovered that my husband failed to tell me something of significant importance. As a result I feel he doesn't trust me and I feel betrayed!!! So for now I'm going to be really, really mad at him.

And I thought I could beat it. I was determined that this move would not stress me out beyond words and it has. I went cold turkey on my happy pills because I thought I could - but I can't and I have about 9 days worth left. Bugger!!! Then I have no choice but to go cold turkey.

My studio is not looking like a studio but a dump zone of note. But being mad means I might throw things - so I think I will stay away from glass for now.

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angelinabeadalina said...

Hugs to you-- it's hard to move, get everything set back up, take care of the kids, etc., without adding more stress. Hang in there! Oh, and I love the animal pics, too!