Monday, December 29, 2008

about that character assissination.....(Part 2)

Well the hair has been trimmed and I'm happy with it. I then came home and my personal colourist, we'll call him Antoine, duly coloured my hair a nice rich brown.

Firstly, I want to say thanks again for all the words of encouragement and support. In this climate standing up for a friend is not an easy task, especially when there is a lot of risk.

About the deletion of my posts. Apparently that speaks volumes about who I am more than the fact that I stood by a friend when in need. Like hubby says 'take it from where it comes'. That thread has nothing positive to offer anyone. If anything that thread is enough to scare anyone from trying anything and then even showing it. Before I sat down and deleted my posts, I did think about it. I didn't need to research it as I am aware of other cases and the feelings that follow it. I knew I was taking a big step. This thread had and has nothing but hate and anger to share with the lampworking world and everything that is wrong with it. Everytime I typed my words a few things would happen. I'd be ignored, treated like an idiot who is not allowed an opinion or I felt personally attacked. It got to a stage where I felt that even in defending myself or Trish it was going to go no where and fast. Further entrenching why I felt so strongly about Trish not coming into that thread and trying to defend herself. Realising that deleted posts do cause hiccups in the reading I went with the: oh well, those who thought what I said was important enough, stupid enough or brilliant enough to warrant flaming or even acknowledgement have quoted me and hence began the deletion.

Did this change how I felt about Trish : NO!!
Did this mean I didn't want my words to stick : NO!! (some are still very stuck) and just so we are clear there are other threads where touchy topics are being discussed without the need to be snide, sarcastic, belittle or or posts are still there!!
Am I surprised that it took a while to realise this : Yes
Am I surprised that it came from someone who has no time for me and was reading my blog : Yes (you just can't tell who is reading....LOL)

Yes, I was very vocal in that thread. There comes a time in ones life when enough is enough!! I've sat back and watched flamings and turned my back when I should have said something. These bullies enjoy ripping into someone big time and they don't let go!! They push and push until the person being pushed has nothing left in them. The choices being slink back into the shadows and pray like hell you're not seen, give up entirely or move to safer ground.

The forum states that it is a friendly...... well as long as the bullies or as I stated months prior in the same forum 'The Country Club' don't notice you - you're fine!! Don't post a pic that is not yours, don't post a pic of a bead that is a hint of a copy to someone dear to them, don't look at them side ways, don't say anything out of line, don't have an opinion before you've got a zillion posts under you and yes, it is a friendly place to be. Just so we are clear - using other's photo's etc. without their permission is wrong and replicating beads to make a quick buck is not nice either. So please, don't go questioning my integrity here!! I just think these situations can be handled a tad bit better than making an example of someone.

Basically if my posts were so important to you - treating me with some respect might have been helpful!!

To all of you who have been friends to me, once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Kyfarmlife said...

OH! Poor Dear!!! I'm sorry you and your friend went through that!! It's unfortunate that there are so many ugly people out there...(hence why i made my blog private!!) But there are..good for you to stand up like you did...and good riddence to LE!!!! I sure did miss a lot the last couple weeks....glad to be back! Hope your Christmas was a good one! Happy New Year!

Maggie said...

Breathe sweetie! You don't need to explain your actions to anyone. You were sticking up for a friend, a very noble thing to do especially considering you went into a den of wolves. ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

You lasted longer than me, I stopped posting earlier this year on LE. You and Trish are both class acts.

Deb said...

Mich - rest easy. You have the courage of your convictions, & I feel you remained true to yourself.

That some chose to lose sight of the fact that your initial posts were addressed to the issue of 'how' it was handled, as opposed to how it should have been handled, is not your problem. It's theirs.