Saturday, December 27, 2008

Closing a door...

Edited to add:

I have deleted all my posts from the Bead on Beads thread over at LE. Why?? Because in all honestly did it matter what I had to say. I was there to stand up for a friend - I still stand by her but I am tired of the games, of words being twisted, of the subtle threats of reputations being ruined because you don't agree with the bullies, the by the way insults.........So no I did not delete my posts cause I have changed my mind about Trish - I still think those who started this should have tried to deal with it Privately before slamming/flaming Trish in her thread!! But what better way to make an example of someone.


I really wasn't going to bring this to my blog but for closure for me I think I need to.

It is time for me to close a door on LE (Lampwork Etc). I am tired of all the negativity, I am tired of my words being twisted and the last straw for me was that I was making excuses. The arrogance of 'just take a class' makes me want to slap some people silly. The attitude of just go to your library. Well, this is not America. The cost of importing a book, the R/$ exchange - the arrogance of here is a list of books - just import them!! The attacks, right or wrong - have me gobsmacked for words. Is everyone just looking for a fight.

"No one is going hand you the information is a neat little package" -Libby

If many writers had taken that attitude where would we be today.

I saw a need for what could be a brilliant book and got this snide remark - yes, I felt it was snide!!

You get patted on the head and told to go and spend hours, even days researching the net. Spend fortunes on books BUT asking for 'neat little package' gets you flamed.

You explain that due to financial and time restraints this is not possible and get slammed with snide remarks. No wonder others don't voice their opinions. Because someone out their just knows better than you do and how dare you make a suggestion.

Ask for clarity over words like technique and design - Oh boy!!! I'm pretty sure no one has answered that conclusively either.

You know what - I had to listen to my grandparents tell me how they had to walk to school for miles on end, suffering the heat of the day. No shoes, barefoot over tough veld grass etc. etc.
I loved listening to their stories from the days they were younger. But I don't think they ever begrudged me the fact that I could be taken to school in a car. I now tell my kiddies my stories of when I was kid...............................


Deb said...

I feel for you Mich. I literally drool over books that (to me) seem fabulously cheap in the USA, only to find that the shipping will cripple me. It's pretty much the same with glass.
We have one studio in the whole country that supplies glass & offers classes. Of course it would be at the other end of the country to where I am, & it's no cheaper than buying from the USA.

If it wasn't for the freely given "behind the scenes" help & advice I've had, then I doubt I'd still be lampworking now.

Deb said...

I'm having a look through the thread now - & just wondering whether there is the same outcry when Simplicity, Buttrick, Vogue, McCalls or many of the pattern makers draft & publish a dressmaking pattern for a dress that looks similar to one of Chanel, Gucci or Klien's designs ;o)

Then again I also recall seeing a number of beads reffered to as Glass Puzzle Beads on Etsy for sale at various times. Perhaps people call them different things depending on where & how they learned the technique ;o)

Anonymous said...

Michelle, sorry you too have been pushed to this point. We miss you on WC! and hope you'll come back.

My Breaking point with LE came when I was told I did not have enough posts to have an opinion. It is sad because there is so much talent there. But I am shocked at the way some speak to each other, my mother would have washed my mouth out.

rosebud101 said...

Shelly, you had the guts to speak out. Trust me, I wanted to, but I knew what would happen. I have to admire you. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You are a true friend. I will miss getting to know you better on LE. I hope that you might stop back and be a lurker. There is so much to learn there.

I too am with you that it should have been handled differently. I'm sure I lost some peoples respect for speaking up.


Anonymous said...

Shelly - there are those on LE that fail in many ways to practice what they preach.

Those same people that told others they should have done some studying of the history of the bead before publishing the tutorial, are very quick to make assumptions & snide comments as to why you deleted your post. A tad hypocritical methinks.

Don't concern yourself - all they are succeeding in doing is making themselves look worse than they already did! It's just that many, like me don't have the guts to jump in & say what you did, yet I know for a fact there are many that do agree - yet realise the futility of even trying to battle with those who must be right.
The rest there, apart from a few, are happy to follow like sheep thinking themselves a part of some elite group who will never be wrong.
Some come later, once it is clear which 'side' is winning & only then openly post.
They are then stupid enough to believe the rest of us can't see them for what they are....simply because they think they are right.

If only they realised how wrong their attitude & approach appears to others, their ethics in the way of dealing with an issue certainly does NOT put them in a good light as supposedly 'professional' business people.
Just feel sorry for them & wonder how long it will be before they realise this for themselves.

Righteousness is only relevant when it is well founded.
I now have an ample list of people I would not buy from - solely because their ethics suck.

Diana Ferreira said...

I have yet again lived in Lala land, and was totally unaware of the newest events.
Thank you for being a good friend by standing up to bullies for your friends. That takes guts, esp. on LE!
I feel like you, never to go back there, but then I am just giving some poepholle the upper hand. Be a lurker as some have suggested, and please come to the chat. That still seemed to be a nice friendly place!
I do not know the content of the thread, but i am sure that Trish really appreciated your support.
See you sometime!

Diana Ferreira said...

Hi Michelle,
It is now 15:00, and I have just finished the dreaded thread. I understand why you felt the need to pull your postings. I would have done the same.

Pack dog mentality is not becoming ...

Trish, if you read here, you are in my thoughts. I am so sorry for what has happened, and the gastly aftermath.


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Mich, you won't miss the place really you won't.... I bet I haven't been on LE in 6 months... they aren't worth the aggravation really they aren't. Cowards hiding behind computer screens... jealous of anyone with real talent.... and you my dear have talent, integrity and loyalty... I am proud to call you my friend.