Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Laughter at someone's expense....

edited to add that I think some are just jealous cause they don't have a blog . . . (LOL) and also added another safer place to hangout at - see below!! Now that should surprise some!!

So the thread is now derailed!! Where is the respect now?? Could of sworn there was some hoo-haa over thread derailment recently as much as there was about deleting ones post/s but once again we need to look at the partakers to understand I guess!! Now laughter at someone else's expense is just fine - hmmm, boils down to that 'respect' word and who is slinging it around for it to have any meaning.

My final opinion on this matter:

No side won!! There are more questions than there are answers. Where does that leave us?? Well, the next poor soul who steps over that sacred line will be made an example of and the flaming will begin again. We can only hope that some realise that RESPECT is a two way street!!

And another thought:

Just because you're a big name artist doesn't mean that you automatically deserve respect or that it makes you a better human being. If anything there are too many questions surrounding this whole situation, it's timing and it's ending make me wonder about certain artists and their integrity!!

So for those of you who need to giggle over a vagina - good on you, whatever blows your horn - really!! To be honest I prefer the Kilt porn as a derailment myself.

My advise to newbies - tread carefully, stay in safe waters and watch-out for those Sharks!! They'll eat you alive!! or hang out at WC - much, much safer. And had to add that hanging out at TAM is probably a safe bet too!!

p.s. I thought I sensed trouble coming from a post in the bathroom regarding blogs....................clearly I did not have to worry. Shooooooooo!! This blogs stays the same - as is.

More pic porn on it's way.

Love you all, stay safe!!! and most importantly............celebrate tomorrow. I know I'm going into 2009 with a spring in my step!!!


Carmen said...

I am so sorry you had to deal with this nastiness over the past few days but such is life on LE.

Happy New Year to you and your family, please G-d it will be a peaceful and safe one.

Anonymous said...

I hope you aren't letting this crap bog you down. I have been wondering though, why Kim didn't get slammed for derailling the thread?

I think it goes back to your blog post about bing a big name artist.

I hope that some day you will make it back to LE. Not everyone has the same views and there are those of us that disagree with lots that happens there. I have met too many wonderful people to just abandon the whole forum.

Hope you have a great New Year!!!

DianaDesigns said...

Well I for one won't be going back. I also will be burning quite a few books and tuts. I cannot believe that certain people like Kim, Pam and Mary got involved in all the joking afterwards.
I am sick, that I actually supported those people and bought their books.
Respect does go both ways and I am sick to death of those that demand it, but don't give it.

Cleanse out and bring on the new year. You are now going to see a fire breathing dragon, in more ways than one, I can assure you.