Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reflections of 2008

Looking back I wondered what we did on this day in 2007. Now this is where the value of a blog comes in as I could at the click of a button look back and see that we had spent it at the Pretoria Zoo. We had fun that day!!

By February I know we had made the decision to sell our home and we put it on the market. We had realised we were in financial doo-doo. This situation has not got any better but we're digging our way out. Shortly after my birthday in April we sold our home and the biggest struggle of our lives would begin. When we should have been breathing a sigh of relief our buyers have given us grief at every turn. To date the Transfer has still not gone through - and for the festive month of December they hit us with another blow by not paying occupational rent. Off they were to Namibia to get married and visit family. I was struck with the 'how do we get through this month' and had my worst Christmas ever. We also had to live with their nastiness a few days before Christmas when they told us to basically go to hell.

We moved to a new home. It has it's problems and our landlord is not the kind of guy to fix things - so sadly we are looking for a new place. We have earmarked a few but we are not rushing into anything as we don't want to make another mistake. We also miss our pool - so that is at the top of the list. The next house has to have a pool!!

There was Bailey- Bless his soul!! I miss him dearly. I think I am warming up to Charlie and he is proving to be a beautiful, loving family dog!!

We decided to homeschool Bradley. It was a very hard decision to make. We are confident moving into 2009 with a fantastic curriculum.

Sadly, in the past 6 months my lampworking career took a backseat to everything happening in my life. I will not try and gloss it over but it has been one of the most stressful and trying times of my life. I am grateful to have had my family and marriage survive this - we are still licking our wounds but we are healing. That is what is important.

To all my Divas, my friends old and new who were there for me even when I was quiet, to my family who had to put up with the worst of me and to Elaine who managed to pull me through my darkest hours, I will be forever eternally grateful!! Those small things you did for me meant so much to me...I can only hope and pray we will meet in person one day!!

To all you secret and not so secret Santas - thank you for reminding me that there is something I am good at and to stick to it.

To Diana in Canada - who kept true and stood by me as well as Trish. It would be a pleasure to march into any battle with you!!

To Trish - right or wrong, nobody had the right to do what they did to you. May 2009 be your year!!

To those of you who find joy in tearing other people apart!! Who find the need to be vicious and hurtful. I can only hope and pray that you will one day find the value in true friendship.

and remember :


standing strong for your own beliefs and doing what's right even when others disagree.


understanding and appreciating unique qualities in others.


willingly working with others towards a common goal.


showing others consideration, admiration, and honor.
and most importantly


accepting, giving, sharing, feeling, and enjoying companionship with others . . .
taken from the Character Education Resource Guide, written by Regina G. Burch and published by Creative Teaching Press


Deb said...

Mich - I haven't read right back through your blog & came in halfway through the drama's the people that had bought your house were causing.

Nor did I realise what had led you to selling your house.
You have made some huge changes this year & kudos to you for having the strength to do so. I know that sort of change takes courage, & guts..... & a whole heap of adjustment for you afterwards.

I say with all of my heart - my wish for you is a blessed, prosperous & peaceful year in 2009.

Maggie said...

Michelle, Sending lots of love from this part of the world. Hoping 2009 is the year of many joys and few sorrows. You have more courage than most people I know.

Rita'z R-tistic Ramblez said...

Michelle, I hope you find the perfect home this year, and feel safe and comforted wherever you are. You so deserve it. Thanks for defending our Trish. I totally missed the whole mess, since I try to avoid the Evil Place so much. I love my nice safe WC. :D Hugs!!!