Thursday, December 4, 2008

Updates, updates, updates......

Yesterday was one of THOSE days!! I screamed, I yelled and I cried (poor hubby got the brunt of it) but after that I felt better. Strange that!! Next thing I knew I could face the world and move on.

But there is always the Good, the Bad and the Ugly:

The Good, the oh so heavenly good!!:

There are beautiful, caring and amazing people out there in this world. I am being blessed with beautiful gifts and Secret Santas. Anonymous - wine stoppers would be fabulous and I could kiss you. I been gifted with tutorials and a surprise from Val Cox - Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


The Bad:

For those of you who visit the LE Bathroom you will have seen my rant there. Yesterday my new bottle of oxygen was delivered. The guys who delivered it dropped my very expensive regulator and smashed it. Yes, very broken to a point that it won't work!! I just looked at the heavens and thought can anything else go wrong!! Phoned hubby and burst into tears and I think at that point sounded suicidal. I'd had enough!!

We'll include in the bad the house we are currently renting. I'm pretty sure there is not a room without a cupboard door falling off. The hinges are not holding. The one garage door gear has also broken, carpets are lifting and the house alarm has not been operational since me moved in and I'm tired of the promises to fix it. The fence and it's alarm is operational but the house is not!! The space is heaven, the view TDF but the state of the house has me running for the hills.

Then the Ugly:

Besides the buyers of our house telling us to leave them be, how they have been more than generous (uhhhm, explain that one to me) and they are now bankrupt (yes, they're holidaying and honeymooning in Namibia) THEY refuse to pay rent. Yes, every bit of communication has been they will not pay rent. Nevermind the months they got away with earlier this year not paying rent. Oh, about R22 000 worth!! They even asked the Transferring Attorney if they did not have to pay rent this month. The answer was - oh yes you do. We must apparently pay for their new kitchen, stove/oven, paint, new gate, removal of security gates........why should they. I mean - get real, we are so stinking rich - we must pay for their every whim. So Disa Oestlund and John - I hope karma comes back to bite you in the ASS. Thank goodness the only blessing out of this is that this whole matter is finally at the Deeds Office and should be transferred shortly. This means us moving into the New Year without the Sale hanging over our heads. The Attorneys will be drafting a Letter of Demand (not that I'm sure it will do anything) and anything left over after the attorneys have distributed the payments, we'll hopefully get some of our rent for this month. We also had the case of the geyser bursting. We were insured and they got to choose new wooden floors without us interfering and hubby made sure everything was sorted out promptly as well. Now it sounds like the woman is upset because I didn't rush there to mop up the floors - can you tell - she tops my favourite list of ppl to be around. Not!! So I've vented and I feel better.


Something to look forward too.

Tonight is the Carols by Candlelight that we have been looking forward to. Hubby is heading to work early so that he can get home early so that if we hit heavy traffic we'll still get there on time. My favourite SA artist will be singing as well. The boys and I will pack a picnic basket and we'll be crossing fingers that the weather holds. Loads of pics for tomorrow.


Deb said...

Mich it sounds like you have certainly had your share with those people. Don't know how it happened, as they woukld never have got away with that sort of crap here. They'd have been evicted, if they hadn't managed some sort of bridging finance instead.

Great to hear of the generosity of LE'ers. The 'Good' can make up for a lot.

Secret Santa was a blast last year & I thoroughly enjoyed both sides of it.
Sadly I wasn't in the financial position to even be able to afford the postage to send this year, so it just didn't seem right to join.

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Deb, yep it's lots of fun!! I managed to sneak off one before discovering that the finances were going to be in huge Doo-doo. LOL The generosity of others has been amazing and I know how we're all suffering. My glassy world of friends are INSPIRING!!

Hubby and I were having serious convo's about NZ. Maybe one day we'll be able to have playdates. It's on my wishlist. :))

Diana Ferreira said...

Oh Michelle,

I did not realise that all the crap about your 'sold house' has not gone through! That is SO bad.

And I can understand all the stresses, and having a broken regulator (and boy, they are expensive in SA!) must have been the total last friggin straw. I would have killed the idiot on the spot, and demanded his employees to clean up my mess afterwards.

Hugs to you all, and make a voodoo bead for your house buyers, and then KEEL that bead slowly in water.

Thinking of you guys

angelinabeadalina said...

I hope you are all having a wonderful picnic and enjoying the Carols by Candlelight tonight! You deserve a pleasant evening with nothing else on your mind for a bit!

Jennifer Cameron said...

What a day! Hope you enjoyed your picnic and the weather held for you. It sounds wonderful! The good news is today is a new day and you can start fresh.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Hugs to you Mich... I'm liking the voodoo doll idea... a bit of hair... and a pox on them for causing you so much grief.
Our house is and has been falling in for quite a while now... the rehab came to a halt with my health issues...and the disarray continues... I can't even LOOK at it anymore.

Enjoy a beautiful evening... I look forward to seeing your photos

Anonymous said...

Your stoppers went out today. Smile and make some beautyful things for them.
WC! Secret Santa