Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A friendly reminder : Those pesky blog rules and a new rule

This is MY blog.

If you are not reading it for FUN... please go away.

If you don't like me.... why waste your time here?????

If it bothers you that I used a delete button.... please go away. (revised)

If you don't like my personal opinions and thoughts about DOT DOT DOT... please go away.

If you don't like my photo's... please go away.

If you don't like my music.... please go away.

If you don't like the teams I support.... please go away.

If you are reading this PURELY to criticize me for my life decisions... please go away.

If you're reading this from your place of employment and might get fired for doing non-work-related internet surfing.... please go away (that's just me looking out for you... you can always read from home)

If you hate kittens, rainbows, chocolate (neg) or beads... you should probably go away too because those things seem pretty non-hateble and if you do hate them.... you're probably not real nice.

If you are one of the OTHER 20 people who read this on a daily basis... please stay.
(and if you know anyone in Hawaii or Alaska or any of the countries not blotted on my map... you can invite them to read (as long as they are agreeable to the rules above)... but only because I'm still lacking those states/countries in my quest for world domination)

SO... for everyone that's left here, after I've kicked out all the undesirables...It's unfortunate that some of the readers have not been here for the entertainment value that you are.


Anonymous said...

Hey, been out of the loop. Sorry you took another hit from the torch bug crowd. I figure it containes them all in one place making easy to avoid. But that's just me. Haven't joined not planning on it. Kinda stepping away from the forums in general.

Your new place looks great!! Enjoy! Hope you can find some peace and quiet. PS are you on facebook? Kare


you are great...
hope yu are having a great week...
do you girls really need those forums ...
what's up with all the bashing ..
I don't get it...
ps.. have you heard about that skinny diet... not using their plan.. but using the concept... it is working great for my husband and me....
all my love

Maggie said...

I'm here because I love you!

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Waving to all her friends.

Thanks for the sweet comments!!

Love you all too!!