Monday, February 9, 2009

Yes, I did sign up...

Okay...considering that my internet has been up and down and basically driving me loco, I have not kept up to date with my comments. What I like about Kevan...well you didn't hide behind an Anonymous posting. Kudu's to you. And yes I meant kudu's. I wish I could say that it was accidental but no it wasn't. Was it a lie - well not really because at the time I had no intention to sign-up, but then I swear that 'curiosity got the cat' because I went and signed up. I had all these intentions to blog about it but basically have had no time. But I am sure there is a bunch of super sleuths with a bunch of assumptions who have there own ideas in their teeny little heads.

After reading the odd threads and especially a huge 'pager' at the moment I'm not quite sure you girls can do it. It appears that Torchbugs is there to rip into people no matter what the cost. To slander and to have people pat you on the backs and cheer you on with your super sleuthing. You couldn't care what is does to someone else as long as you are right!!

And you know what - you girls just cannot let it go. The whole 'delete' thing. Did it effect your lives so much??

Now for the Anonymous Post:

Anonymous said...

How kind of you to post about Torchbugs on your blog Shelly. I find it ironic that you joined Torchbugs the very same day that you blogged that you wouldn't.

My response : I know pretty stupid!! What was I thinking??

So does that make you stupid enough to climb out of a vehicle next to a pride of hungry lions, or does it just make you a liar?

Probably makes me stupid enough to climb out of a vehicle next to a pride of hungry lions. As for the character. As you don't know me - I'll ignore your 'liar' comment and move on with life. But then you girls are good at making assumptions and knowing all.

I'm also curious as to what South Africa has to do with our forum. First of all, the forum is based in California. That's in the US in case you didn't know.

Is that a bridge you really want to cross!! I actually have a friend who lives in California, I spent time with her in Las Vegas as well as with another friend from Washington State and not Washington D.C. I have friends dotted all over the USA - genuine friends who are real.

Two of your members had no problems trying to bring South Africa into a mix of child labour etc etc. Who knows more history about South Africa, ignorant others who go off on a tangent or some who grew up in the Apartheid era, whose first vote at the tender age of 18 was 'YES' for change and who now lives in the new South Africa but everyday wishes to get the hell out. I was just pointing out to some of your members that Apartheid was about race and not child labour and that embargo's/ sanctions were not the only reason for Apartheid to end. Yes, exporting hurt our farmers, of that I can be sure. But like my hubby said we survived pretty well without a MacDonalds and were healthier for it and darn it all our good fruit stayed mostly here in those days. Now we have to pay a fortune to eat good fruit and pay the export price.

I've visited America, have you ever been to South Africa. We're not talking Africa here, but South Africa. I'm sure you know where it is on a map!! Are you saying that your forum is exclusively for Americans. In all honesty if I didn't post that one single post none of you would ever have known who 2Glassy4U ever was?? I just get major peeved when people who think they know so much about South Africa start spewing crap.

Will you be posting hateful posts and then deleting them on Torchbugs as well as on LE?

I hope you have some factual information to go with that. Just exactly what hateful comments did I make then delete. I have fully disclosed why I deleted my posts and the funny thing is, is that it is getting your knickers more in a knot than it is mine. I stuck up for a friend who you girls had no problem in tearing apart!! I stand by Trish and always will? I think that makes me a better human being than you. Just my opinion of course.

As for threads about fellow lampworkers? When those are found they are deleted immediately. Are you insinuating that doesn't happen on LE? Are you saying the new forum hasn't been talked about on LE?

Immediately are you sure about that. Are you 100% certain about that?

I mean, here you are, not only talking about people behind their backs, but making false statements about them.

Maybe you need some help here?? Me talking behind whose back?? My blog is open for the whole wide world, geesh it even allows you to post anonymously!! It's no blooming secret. What false statements - I think some people were being very nasty about a fellow LE'er.

Here you are, talking about Torchbugs and its den of hungry lions.

Uhhhm no....but if you're thinking you're a hungry lion then by all means.......I was just trying to be local. {{grin}}. Maybe I insulted the lions, I think they are better natured than some of you. Your post proves my point though. I doubt I would have gotten all those sweet overtures of Welcome = oops, I didn't. Guess I was right about not being welcome over at that forum.

And you're right, maybe you don't understand what it means to be positive. Because if you think your blog entry here is positive, maybe you should re-read it. Your entry is no better than what you are accusing others of doing. In fact, I'd say it's pretty spiteful and hateful. It's people like you we are all trying to get away from. And we're the den of lions? Please!But hey, welcome to Torchbugs.

If being positive means tearing somebody apart, trying to ruin a business, hopping from forum to forum stirring shit then by all means carry on being positive. I am just one person - not sure I could stop the lot of you anyway. But as much as I 'love' this country right now I will stand up for it's history, I will stand up for my friends when they are being bashed and I will voice my opinion and you know what?? If you don't like it....stop reading my blog. Heck, I have a hard time believing you came across this post accidentally - so just who has been talking behind my back???

You know what DO ME A FAVOUR AND SAVE ME FROM MYSELF and ban me from your forum!!!

edited to add: the more I think about it the more I am certain that Ms. Anonymous is not American.


Deborah's Glass Beads said...

sent you a note on OUR special place.
Love you,

Sara said...

Oh girl...I am so jealous! I don't get sweet, little notes like that. LOL!

On another note, we only hear (about what happens in other parts of the world)basically what the media wants us to know. It is awesome when you can talk to people who are actually there and see (for themselves) what is going on.

Oh...if it wasn't for your blog, many people wouldn't know about Torchbugs so Miss Anonymous should be thankful!

DianaDesigns said...

Hey Michelle they have now made their oh so friendly warm and fuzzy forum almost totally private now. You can only see a few areas now. Guess that speaks tons to how it is not so positive.

I suffer from mad cow dontcha know....mooo mooo MOOOOO

I never signed up nor will I ever. They can have their whine and cheese curds.

Anonymous said...

Let me clear something up for you Shelly. This is Frogsongstudio posting, just so you know in the off chance that it posts as anonymous again.

That's right, I am the anonymous poster and the owner of

I have never blogged, nor have I ever commented on a blog before. I did not know that it was going to post it as anonymous, so in case you're wondering, I am not afraid to post as Frogsongstudio and I have never been afraid to post what I think.

I did not participate AT ALL in the Devardi thread on LE, nor was Torchbugs created because of that thread. Interesting isn't it, that you are now putting down my forum and everyone in it, in your public blog, without even knowing who the owner is? You want to talk about assumptions?

Well, now you actually have a few facts to work with. Let's see what you can do with those.

Thank you for your glowing review of Torchbugs and what it's all about Shelly. I hope you're feeling good about it. Especially since, as far as I know, you and I have never had a problem with each other. Well, until now. I feel I'm getting to know you quite well though.

I would like to invite everyone to come over to Torchbugs and judge for yourselves what kind of forum we have and not go by this very biased blog.

I won't be expecting you though Diana. Thank you.

Oh, and the forum isn't private. Most parts are only open to registered users. It has nothing to do with our forum not being a positive place. Nice try though.

You see, I don't appreciate people taking snippets of conversation from my forum and twisting them to their liking in an effort to make the entire Torchbugs community look bad. How petty can you get?

Our forum is very positive and anyone can join and find out for themselves rather than make judgements based on the rantings of a couple of women on a blog who don't even have a clue who they are trashing in the first place, nor do they care.

And Sara, (another member of Torchbugs by the way)... no, this little Miss. Anonymous is not thankful for this spiteful blog coming from people who don't even know who they're insulting but enjoying it all none the less.

I'd rather stick a molten hot rod of glass in my eye then attract ANY like minded individuals from this blog to my site. So... vengeful, hateful, spiteful people need not apply.

This will be the last post I make to your blog Shelly. I created Torchbugs to get away from this kind of behavior. You may believe that I, and members of my forum are responsible for all the negativity elsewhere, well honey, I'm sorry, but I believe exactly the opposite, and your blog here only proves that.

If you think you're making yourself look good here, you may want to ponder that a little bit more.

"And you know what - you girls just cannot let it go. The whole 'delete' thing. Did it effect your lives so much??"

I don't know who "You girls" are, But, once again, you're the one who mentioned on your blog first, so I expect it bothers you a whole lot more than it does me.


Debra (Frogsongstudio)

DianaDesigns said...

Hmmm Frog are you calling me a Liar? I know what I read and I know who said it. Shall I name names? A thread over on YOUR forum puts down LE. The person did say they did not want forum wars then in the same breath said don't let the door hit you in the ass. Nothing petty from me, but there sure is hell is a lot of petty stuff being said over there.
Sorry I don't get you at all. You refuse to see this but how you don't see it is beyond me.
Oh and Frog, you just lied in this comment. YOU have left a message on MY BLOG telling me you are the creator of the TB Forum, so you HAVE commented on blogs and I was not ASSUMING anything.
Get THAT into ya. Now I will go and free up that post YOU made on my blog shall I?

Anonymous said...

“Our forum is very positive”

“So... vengeful, hateful, spiteful people need not apply”

You’ve got to be joking, Frogsongstudio, owner of I always thought it was common knowledge that you had to be real careful what you said on Torchbugs, or you could be eaten alive. The Devardi glass thread is only one example. But, let’s consider that Devardi thread. It’s not just “a couple of women” tearing into people. It’s a number of them, and for no real reason other than because they are vengeful, hateful, and spiteful. Some of them also did the same on LE, but Torchbugs makes that LE thread look like a birthday party. If you don’t allow these people to apply, or wish them not, why do you allow this to go on? Why do you allow this rather large group to behave this way? You could stop it, but choose not to. “I created Torchbugs to get away from this kind of behavior,” you said. If you did, why don’t you do something about this mean-spirited attitude of some of your members?

If you really think this doesn’t go on at Torchbugs, or if you really think you created Torchbugs to get away from this kind of behavior, you’re either extremely na├»ve, or you’re like the ones that cause this upheaval. So you can’t recognize how bad it can be. Sure there’s some great info and people on Torchbugs, but you have a group that is just running amuck, ruling the threads and ruining it for others, and you’re letting them, which doesn’t say much about you. Judging even from this thread as to how you cope with criticism, you seem to be just like that group. So I really don’t see how you think you are “getting away from this kind of behavior.”

Oh yes, I will remain anonymous, because I don't want to be eaten alive by