Monday, March 23, 2009

More reason NOT to purchase any products made in China!!,,2-7-12_2489758,00.html,,2-7-1442_2490023,00.html,,2-7-12_2489791,00.html,,2-7-1442_2489768,00.html

and this has to be the 'good laugh' of the day and 'no surprise really' news of the day.,,2-7-1442_2489998,00.html

I find it shocking that South Africa will not grant the Dalai Lama a Visa to come to South Africa. This past weekend we celebrated 'Human Rights Day'!! Just what are we saying to China when we give in to pressure and do what they demand. They are a country who have no problems with abusing human rights. It just goes to show how money talks. I will now make more of an effort NOT to buy any products made in China and be more vigilant about what ends up in my shopping basket. If the item comes with a ridiculously cheap price - good chances are that it would have been made in China.

And the laugh for the day. No suprise that the money went missing...really....what did everyone expect!!

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