Thursday, March 19, 2009

Week 8 : Weight Watchers - Down 1kg and total loss to date of 7.2kg's

What a feeling!! Another 1kg down. I'm thinking that all the gym this past week has payed off. My only concern is that I might become obsessive about it, that is how much I am determined to get rid of this excess weight. I am really proud of what I have accomplished to date.
A reminder of some of the changes I have made:
* Smaller portions
* Healthier choices (more fruit and veg, and red meat is way down)
* Drinking 1.5l - 2l of water everyday.
* Gym (plenty exercise in the cardio section of the gym)
* Not depiving myself. (I still have the odd piece of chocolate, but it is the organic expensive kind, so I want it too last as long as it can {{smile}}. If at a social event I will treat myself to something special but not go overboard.
* Friday nights have been my pizza and chill night!
* Getting the family involved.

This is just a summary of the last 8 weeks equating to a 7.2 kg loss, which is 15.84 pounds. I am hoping to achieve my 10% loss by the end of the 12 weeks. I will then continue on with a new goal of another 10%. By taking it in smaller chunks, my goal is never far away and is achievable.
To my supporters and you all know who you are, a HUGE big Thank You!! I love you ladies.....


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

OMG 15 lbs... that's FANTASTIC... those kgs didn't translate, I knew you were losing... I had no idea you were losing so much... I did WW for 6 months and never lost that much...WAY TO GO...I'm inspired to try again.

Deb said...

Well done Mich!! Fantastic achievement so far.
You know I just realised, when you converted it to pounds, that it is the equivalent of two average size babies!!!! (Funny that after all these years with metric I still relate babies weights to the old imperial system).

Keep it up & you will down there in no time.

Just a word of caution - soon it might be best to start taking more notice of measurements. I know too well the hurdle of overcoming the fact that when you spend a bit of time at the gym regularly, weight seems to level out even though you are reducing size wise. (Muscle weighing more than fat etc).

I always got a little antsy that when trim & toned I weighed more ;o)