Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Easter weekend away

This is what it is all about. Out and about and exploring. No layed on entertainment but heading out and discovering. Each morning we would wake up, make breakfast, pack a lunch and head out. I'm pretty sure we haven't covered every nook here yet which is not a bad thing. The photo above was taken at the rapids. Nothing major but fun to play in and explore. I've course there was a shriek from me as a little or not so little crab went crawling over my foot much to the amusement of my little guys.

We were very lucky this time around with the animals we spotted. We got to see a baboon, a 50/50 chance of having seeing a boomslang (a very poisinous green snake) but as we could not 100% confirm the identity chances are that it was possibly a harmless water snake but then who wants to take a chance and we made a wide birth around it while heading to the cave. We were lucky to have spotted this pair of Klipspringers, aren't they beautiful!! We spotted them on our way from the cave to the slide pools. Naturally, I was the scaredy cat who was perpetually living in fear of coming across another 'bad' green snake. There is no trail as such, the river is used as a guide to make your way to the slide pools. Alternatively, we could have head back on the trail and then taken the trail to the slide pools but what fun would that have been. We spotted squirrels at our camp - they would dart through the trees on our campsite. I also discovered a nest in the washing up area, which I think is a swallow's nest. Let's not forget the warthogs - we saw them again but they were not around as much as they were last time.

Can you tell that these guys had fun!! Josh constantly clowning around.

Aah, this picture is courtesy of Josh. I turned 36 rather uneventfully. LOL Yes, the boys did wish we Happy Birthday first before dashing off in search of their Easter Eggs. That bunny and I need to talk. He left way too many behind!! At least we had some long walks to work off the sugar rush. Josh seems rather sensitive lately and turns into Taz...spinning in circles and I cannot keep up.

Excuse the grubby hair but the bright spark in me left my shampoo and conditioner at home. Not very clever right!!
On our first night, Ant and I woke up in the morning thinking our blowup mattress was losing air but just thought a good pump would help it. Next night we wake up. Bums on the floor, feet and heads raised. Not comfortable at all. Here is the sweet darling man pumping up the mattress at 4 in the morning and while trying to fall asleep again the realisation that we had a puncture was most definitely certain!! At the little shop at the camp I thought I had seen puncture kits, but just my luck that they had sold out the day before. Off Ant went in search of a puncture kit and finally found one in Buffelspoort, more of a resort area than anything else. Come Sunday night and we're expecting a blissful night of sleep, it was just not meant to be. This time at 2am (here's me - you got to be kidding bums on the floor, feet and head in the air - not a comfortable situation at all. Up we get....pump the mattress and find puncture no. 2. The puncture kit is slowly becoming our best friend. We fix the puncture the best we can as there is no lengthy times to allow proper drying to this or that. We take our chances and fall back to sleep. Thankfully no more bums on the floor and feet and heads in the air. Woooohooooo!!!
On Monday I was really sad - the relaxation and peace had just started setting in and the last thing I felt like doing was heading back home. But home it was and after packing up, another quick walk and it was time to head home. We stopped off at our favourite farmstall called Jasmyn to break the trip and before we knew it we were back in city living.
I live in the comfort that we have booked a lengthy stay in December over Christmas and as soon as Spring knocks on our door we'll head out there for a quick mini break.


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

You and the kids and Ant look absolutely RADIANT!! Happy and relaxed, just what you needed.

Diana Ferreira said...

Happy birthday, shelly! It sounds as if it was an amazing weekend, punctured matress and all!

And WOW girl. You have lost weight. It is visible and you look lovely.

rosebud101 said...

Happy Birthday! Even though it was quiet, I hope you enjoyed it!

Deb said...

Oh HAPpY belated birthday Mich!
It looks as though a fabulous weekend was had by all - even the snakes sound idyllic to me ;o)