Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weight Watchers : Week 12 - only .2kg's down

Eeeeek, I didn't get to blog about Week 12.

Considering we had the long weekend and that we were away, the fact that I was .2 kg's down, I considered a miracle.

The struggle has been on this week. Lots of moments of self doubt, all the questions and the moments of 'I just want this gone' and not later, NOW!! Now I know picking up all this weight did not happen overnight although realising it was there did feel like 'overnight'. I woke up one morning and enough was enough. Now 12 weeks into WW and approx. 6-8 weeks of gym and I'm getting FRUSTRATED. I cannot look at lasagne, pizza, a packet of chips, biscuits/cookies without my body charging me a 1kg for trying and sometimes even looking. LOL

This morning I dragged my body out of bed just before 7:30, all the time motivating myself to attend a body conditioning class at 8am. Now, I usually attend the 1pm class but because today being a public holiday due to elections the only classes were this morning. The good news is I made the class but I had my moments. The ladies in reception were all cheerful and brought a smile to my day. I informed them that I had just dragged my 'sorry butt' out of bed, had not even had a cup of coffee yet and that the class had better be worth it. I get upstairs and the class is filled with I call the 'g-string parade'. The girls who hardly work up a sweat and are co-ordinated to a tee. Here is me - baggy t-shirt, a bra that just does the job as no sports bra fits yet and my comfy workout pants that I live in between washes. I uhmmmm, I ahhhhhh, about turn and head back down stairs. No way!! I'll grab my MP3 player and hit the treadmill and circuit.....I can zone out. The girls in reception want to know what is up.....I tell them that as I seem to be the only fat girl in the class that maybe this is not for me. I get the lecture...are you losing weight for them or for yourself. I sheepishly admit that I am doing it for me, smile, about turn and head back upstairs. I find the back corner of the class....get all my equipment and 'Just do it'....I did the class and I had fun while dreaming of the day I will be in a g-string, tight pants, tight top, perkier boobs (maybe they will hang less south) and remember to smile encouragement at the heavier girl while remembering that I was once in the same shoes.

I've been looking into Personal Trainers. Now considering I told DH (darling hubby) that I could do this without direction I am coming to the realisation that some direction, encouragement and a bunch of other stuff is needed. Hubby is behind this 100%, and I'll admit that I am surprised by his attitude on this because of 'well him being him' LOL. Now they don't come cheap - eeeeekkk!! - and I'm going to have to figure this out.

At the end of the day...I realise this has been a hard week for me. I broke the rules, I ate the lasagne and had some pizza but I resisted the packet of chips although God help me, that packet of Lays Basalmic Vinegar were calling to me each time I walked past them in the shop. I have not drunk near enough water each day. It has cooled down and I find drinking water harder...but my body feels it and I just have to work harder getting it into this body of mine. But I'll figure this out, I'll get through this crappy week, and work harder at it.

How has your week been?

Now I'm going to cast my vote.


rosebud101 said...

The temptations are great, and, in spite of a few slips, you did great! That's what you have to look at. Wow! Continued strength and good luck!

angelinabeadalina said...

You just won a medal of some sort in my book, woman. I have never even had the nerve to workout in a gym, let alone walk into a class that intimidated me. Your "now" will be here sooner than you realize, so keep on keeping on :)

Deb said...

You are doing great Mich!
Dont worry about the g-string brigade. Just 'do' dor you.

Years ago when I went to the gym for aerobics classes - I started down the back row.... in baggy pants & t shirt.

I stayed down the back row for the six weeks it took my brain to get around the fact that I had to reverse the moves the instructor was doing.... & for many months longer.
I gradually managed to become more comfortable when a routine was done that involved the whole class turning & the back row became the front row.

But you know I always swore that I would never go in the front row near the stage.

Almost a year later - I still wasn't in the front row.... but I was up on the stage in a uni-tard & g-string leotard instructing the class through 3 routines! ;o)

Go girl - you can do it!

deevaa said...

Before you splash out for a personal trainer, try

It's a series of MP3 workouts that you download to your iPod/MP3 player. It's music with a voice over on it. I was doing the 'out and about' workout which is meant to be jogging based, but I use my Elliptical for it. The first few weeks I used iTrainer, I lost over a kg a week.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

You are my HERO... did you know that? What a brave, self confident person you are... I'm with Angie, no way I'd go to a gym, much less a class full of g-string babes... OMG Didn't you just want to kick s tight little ass or 2 across the room... oh wait that's my dream ;-)
I'm so proud of you Michelle.