Friday, May 8, 2009

A night at the cricket

The fireworks display after the game.

Joshua and Bradley having some fun!!

Matthew Hayden (Australian Cricket player) playing for the (will have to check up on how it is spelt....LOL)

Kurt Darren - Local singer

Gareth and Lindsey (Gareth is a friend and colleague of Ant's)

Me in my 'skinnier' jeans...........LOL

After the first cloud burst....

Last night we took the boys to their first cricket game and in a way Ant's first too.  That man has led a way too sheltered life.  LOL

The day started off a bit gloomy but it cleared up and the sun brightened up the sky.  By 15:30 a bank of dark angry clouds started looming.  "Oh No!!!" I packed the picnic and hubby walked in the door, we did not hold out much hope.  Off we headed to the stadium, and found a parking spot albeit a very EXPENSIVE parking spot - R40.00, little did we realise that from that moment on everything was going to cost a fortune.  LOL  As we walked into the stadium, the heavens above opened up and the rain came down.  We found a spot in the passage and huddled together while those who had been there for most of the day were going on loudly around us.  Something the boys were not used too.  For me it was a flood of memories rushing back from years gone by.  LOL  Some moments were tense at the stadium due to racial slurs (yes, it is still very real) and one young guy, who had one to many beers in him could have done with having his mouth clamped for him - thankfully we all managed to ignore him as best we could.  A sharp look from police officers helped as well.  And then of course there were the ones with one to many beers but who were just plain silly and provided some entertainment.  I couldn't wait for the rain to stop so we could head to the grass embankment where our tickets were allocated.

The rain stopped and what was left of the sun for the day came out - casting beautiful colours over the stadium.  The people who look after the pitch and field then came out to start frantically clearing what water they could, putting sand/sawdust down and getting the field ready for the game.  And just as we all held our breathes that the game would start shortly - the heavens above opened up again, covers were frantically returned over the pitch and it was a waiting game again.  At this stage the stadium emptied somewhat with lots of people giving up hope that the game would be able to take place.  A lovely group of people under a gazebo offered us some shelter as the 4 of us were just not fitting under our tiny unbrella.  Not to long after that - the rain stopped.  The same process all over again.  The cricketers warming up, the staff trying to sort out the field and all of us hoping that this rain would finally stay away.  

The game started but was reduced to 18 overs a side.   I think we were going into the second over and the heavens opened up - thankfully the players and umpires stayed.  Thankfully it did not last long and the game went on.  Huge **sighs** of relief.  It was magic, and about the only time you would see me supporting an Australian cricket player - Matthew Hayden was 'klapping' that ball.  He hit quite a few 6's, much to the delight of all us.  Before we knew it the 18 overs were over and it was time to switch sides.  The other team did well to chase the runs, but didn't quite get there.

After the game was over, there was an amazing fireworks display and then a Kurt Darren song was being played.  I was in 7th Heaven - next thing, hubby says look on the big screen, it was Kurt singing live I was jumping around like a teenager much to the amazement of Ant's work colleagues who clearly did not know this about me.....LOL  You see I'm very English - no hint of Afrikaans in me.  LOL  No way were we leaving just yet.  He only sang two songs but that was great!!  

With two tired boys in hand we left the stadium and headed home.  We had loads of fun and cannot wait to do it again.

Having the Indian Premier League here has been fun....seeing the teams mixed has added to the excitement.  Australians and South African team members playing on the same team amongst the Indian teams.  

What can I say - we love our sport.  Especially cricket and rugby.  My Aussie and New Zealand buds will clearly understand.

Have a super weekend.  Don't forget to check out my new blog - Me, Myself and I



angelinabeadalina said...

The pictures are wonderful! Looks like it was a night to remember for a long, long time :)

P.S. I know next to nothing about cricket, but your whole description made me feel like I was there.

rosebud101 said...

Shelly, you, like Ang, are giving your children wonderful memories to treasure through the years. I've never seen a cricket game. Maybe, someday?

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

LOVE the new skinny jeans!!!!!!!looks like you guys had a great time at the game...those are some adorable kiddos you got there!

girlfriday1962 said...

Aussie Aussie Aussie OI OI OI!

Bring on the rugby... moreso the players!