Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm fighting a lost cause

If you remember my post from last week about the temper tantrum in a local Woolworths food store; well I've decided to try and take it further. But I am getting no where fast!!! Guess I shouldn't have really expected anything else.

I have contacted Woolworths about the 'temptation aisle' that leads to the tills. I want it gone or at least an alternative for parents shopping with kids. Needless to say I have heard diddly squat, nadda, nothing.

Of course in reality I know they won't do it. There revenue would drop and that for them that would not be good and fellow shoppers (those who are just so much better at parenting whether they have kids or not) would not have anything to talk about, especially the lastest temper tantrum they just witnessed. So what to do, what to do???

There is always shopping without the kids but what do you do in school holidays etc. Not shop, not eat..........

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