Friday, March 21, 2008

So what is the plan, he asks....

I dunno I say. Can't we just for once chill and relax. Does there have to be a plan :)) It's Easter weekend. Hopefully all the Joburgers have cleared out and are harassing everyone else in the other provinces. LOL I'm evil, I know.

It's a chilly day. Good excuse to sit in front of the torch and play.

Although, having to watch the Teletubbies over and over again is enough to drive any mother looney!!!

And my favourite forum is down. Very sad!!! Life is just not the same without it.

Have a good one guys and girls. I'll check back later.

1 comment:

Val Cox said...

ahh, a good time to get some glass melted I'd say. Hope it's warming up a bit there for you.