Sunday, April 27, 2008

After the show report

Woohoo it's finished. Make one huge mental note to self. NEVER EVER, EVER TO DO THAT SHOW AGAIN!!! In all honesty I should have done more research but as they say school lessons and fees never come cheap.

But there is always a but in every story. I got to meet some fabulous and very inspiring people.

Now this is for Elaine and sorry I left you hanging.

We tried 'a spend so much money and you get to choose a free gift'. My niece wrapped some of my older work in tissue paper and wrapped a bow around it. It did help a little....and there is always a BUT!!! LOL. With all the free samples everyone else had around us, some tried to walk off with our gifts without so much as a 'hello'. Another lesson learnt. State ones intentions clearly on a poster and not depend on verbal communication. My head was fuzzy today, so I'll put the blame squarely on me and my fuzzy head oh and hubby losing said little notices to be attached to ribbons. I'm evil, I know. LOL

Back to the grindstone. Got a special order to put together and get ready for BeadEx. Any suggestions on suitable footwear would be appreciated!!!

Whatever you did, I hope you had a super weekend.

Back soon.



Maggie said...

Michelle, I was thinking about you today, hoping you had a successful show for a change. Sorry it was a bust in some ways, glad you found enough joy in meeting people to see the silver lining.

Hugs, Maggie

p.s. Why do they make the verification code so hard to read??? Usually takes me two tries.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Foot wear... confessions of an old lady that cares more for comfort than style... Timberland shoes (mens) they are clunky looking... but oh so comfortable.