Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday's story................

Oops no thought for the day, no eye candy. Can you tell I was pooped. I generally need a day to recover after a show.

We went shopping at the new shopping centre this morning. Uhhm, bad idea. LOL. We arrived to a relatively empty parking area and left to people yelling at each other fighting over parking spaces. I really hope the novelty wears off and we get left to our own devices with our shopping centre.

The Pick n Pay Hyper was nice and big and a bit too crowed today. Making a mental note to self that I should only do shopping on quiet days, like no where near payday. LOL

We came home and had hotdogs for lunch and then I napped on the kids bed. Now you're wondering why their bedroom, well they're never in there, so it's peaceful. Strangely enough!! Having hubby at home was a big help to because he kept them entertained doing other things and that helped as well. Now the chances of being up all night due to a 3 hour nap are pretty good. Kare, found that product we were talking about. Woohoo, we have it. LOL

I have some ideas for some new pendants and I think I'm going to try my hand at some beads for a bit. Need to get into the groove of bead making for BeadEx, that is if my 'friend' the fire marshall gives the class the go ahead.

Still suffering from this horrible bug. Up and down days. Crossing fingers I'm feeling 100% better soon.

Hope you had a super day. We had a long weekend here in SA and having another coming up this weekend. Two work days. Eeek!!!

Chat soon.....................

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