Thursday, April 3, 2008

An all in one............

Well our house has been on the market for a bit now. No nibbles yet!!! I had a good cry about it today, OK well about a few things but I sobbed my heart out. No, it didn't change anything. Still rowing the same old boat.

Living these days is an open plan kitchen, open plan dining room and sitting area. 8 years ago, we opted to do away with the all in one open plan and switched our kitchen and dining area around. Effectively making a third room (dining room, study, whatever). Right now my studio.

Today I was tempted to take a hammer to the wall and say you want a dining room / open plan. Here goes. You got it!!!!

Oh and ripping out those built in cupboards, oh sorry you want packing space to, do you. Well you can't have it all!!

Let's face it, the current market is BAD right now. Bad to the bone!!!!!!!!!!

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