Thursday, April 3, 2008

The home schooling gig...........

I guess it's somewhere in this brain of mine. Okay, it's constantly on my mind!!! Brad is having a tough time and well Josh just loves nursery school.
So I'm thinking about it constantly!! His best friend has just left the school to be home schooled.

I remember hating school. Sort of the social outcast. Well not entirely but I was definitely not part of the in crowd.

To top it all, I have no faith in government schooling either. That is heading in one direction, about the same as our electricity. Just maybe they'll have a wakeup call in 10 years time and it will be too late!!!

Yes, we attend a Montessori. It is not what I thought it would be. I think giving it 2 years is a fair chance.

If I could figure out the social aspect. Where he could still interact with kids of his age I'd leap at removing him. But we're not social bunnies ourselves. Eeek!!!!

Back to thinking about it.

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