Monday, May 26, 2008


Yep, it's freezing!!!

I don't do well with cold in winter, not at all. I hate wearing tons of layers of clothes to stay warm. So now I have the fire in the fireplace going and the heater in the studio. I need to work and I'm not going to be able to if I'm fre-fre-fre-eeeeee-zing!!! LOL
Josh this morning had shorts and a t-shirt on. Well I wasn't having that. Then I had to listen to his explanation of how the sun was shining. But Angel, it's the winter sun, he's not as hot as the summer sun. According to Josh who is 3, the sun was out and that is all that mattered. But, it's okay as I won the battle and he was taken to school all snug and warm.
At least Bradley had more sense than his brother and had dressed warmly. Shooo!!!
It's now raining outside. The weather man claims this is normal. Uhmmmm yeah right. We have always had winter rain. I don't think so!! But I guess if he says so that makes it all right.
We're still house hunting. There is one great potential but will have to see how it pans out. The yard is magnificent and it's got this huge patio running alongside the front of the house overlooking the garden. Ooh, ooh and there is a pomegranate tree. Deb, are you reading my mind my sister Mez says "Pomegranate Margatinis" They somehow got renamed. LOL
I will do my best to drag myself from underneath my snuggle orange blankie. It's so warm!!!!! I will brave the studio somehow.
Where ever you are, I pray that you are warm, happy and smiling.........................

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