Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday ramblings.....

This morning I headed out to the shops all on my own. It was fun!! I went to the new Fournos Bakery that has recenctly opened. Not a good idea when you have not had breakfast yet. The cakes, croissants, pies, petit fours, etc. Just looked so yummy, yummy, yummy!!! Okay, so I walked out with a couple of things but it was well worth it.

I then went over to my favourite, Woolies. Got some lunch for everyone for when they get home and some juice and fruit.

I'm now chilling at home. Browsing through the Saturday paper. The news is not great at the moment with all the Xenophobic attacks and I think I'm going to see what I can clear in my cupboard and the kiddies to see what we can donate. These people have been displaced from their homes, their shops destroyed and looted and are seeking shelter in tents in the cold. I'm certain we can find stuff to spare. I am amazed that the Soccer World Cup has not been handed over to another country yet. Call me crazy but people who can do this to another person are not deserving of such an event in this country.

Got to investigate packing as well. Will be back later.

Chat soon................

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