Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's wet and it's cold................

Okay, where is all this rain coming from??? It's cold again!!!! My feet need nice new fluffy wuffy slippers (hubby this is a hint). They're fre-fre-fre-eeeeeee-zing!!!

The dogs are all snuggled in front of the fireplace mostly. The spaniel is right up near it - I worry about those floppy ears.

Do not ask about house hunting. I've lost all heart!!! My heart is lost to a home we could probably never have. Ugghhhh!! But for one brief moment there was hope and excitement and a dream.

Going to warm up the studio again. Take 110......I'll melt glass eventually. I'm just discouraged right now. Let's hope today is the day.

Chat soon...........

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