Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Today's weird weather report...

for Kyalami, Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa

It started off warm and sunny. Hey, I was down to 1 layer of clothing. This was a good sign. It is now just before 6pm. A little thunderstorm and 'gulp' more rain. And we're back to cold and wearing more layers. Flu's, colds.......................bring it on!!!! I've got CalCVita. I'm still going to get sick again right....I'm just fooling myself. LOL

Today I found copper mesh. Being searching for it high and low. Just kidding!! Google is a wonder. One of the first search results and 'Voila'. Now to play!! With what, glass naturally.

Then, oh then.................

The South African tradition of grocery shopping. I just avoided the weekend mayhem!!! One piled trolley and R2400.00 later. Which reminds me. I remember when my mom and dad did their shopping and two trolley's were like R800.00 and they almost had a cash register roll of everything bought. These days 1 trolley costs you an arm and a leg and your till slip is nothing to boast about. Uggggghhhh!!!! I made a valient effort to keep it under R2000.00 but I got alot of meat, fish, chicken and that which should see us through the month so hopefully daily/weekly we only need bread, milk, fruit and veg.

Note to the bank manager - I DID NOT SHOP AT WOOLWORTHS!!!

I have also resorted to buying the No Name Brand at the P & P, as long as it is cheaper than the branded item. Now this is hard for me and why you may ask. Well I'm a brand person. I'm a marketers dream!! I buy into the brand - but right now cost and survival are far more important.

It is so cool having a Pick n' Pay Hyper down the road. Makes life so much easier!!

I checked out an amazing house yesterday. We still need to think about it. Why??? It might just be out of our reach. But the size and the studio potential are 100% there and the kitchen is TDF!!! It's hubby's dream kitchen. Still waiting to have a look at the other one available down the road. The estate agent is just having some issues with the current tenant then hopefully we can go and have a look. Much, much smaller - in a complex - but way much cheaper.

Well it's dark and chilly and hoping hubby gets home soon.

chat soon..............................

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