Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday evening rant.........

If you see fireworks over the African continent towards the Southern end that might just be me. Why, oh why, can nothing ever go smoothley. I need an assistant, oh heck, I can't afford an assistant!!!

I am meant to be giving classes at next weekends exhibition and today was sort of the d-day for us regarding safety issues, yadda, yadda. In typical South African fashion we have been told that an answer to go ahead with the classes will now only be given on Tuesday - wondering if like today we will have to be the ones phoning and begging for answers. I'm tired and fed-up with this situation. I believe that it boils down to this - not many people know what actually making a bead entails in this country. You can draw them all the pictures you want, explain in detail what you will be doing and they still don't understand. Ever since I started glass bead making I have had to explain over and over again why I want what I want and why!!! I prefer to use propane - why - it's cleaner burning than LPG - what are you going to do with it - melt glass - blank stare - do you have stainless steel rods - why - to wrap the molten glass on it - why - to make a bead you idiot!!! I am still gobsmacked by the assumption that it will be a male melting glass instead of me a woman. Switching to LPG means this sucker has to buy 5, yes 5 more regulators. Has to pay a deposit on 5 LPG bottles and pay, pay, pay.................................... Oh, and this will be the best - why do you need a regulator!! I can just hear the question now.

This is my rant for the evening. I had really hoped to have it all sorted out by the weekend. To make sure I can order the glass, purchase mandrels and get the propane sorted out. To put notes together etc. Now I have to wait for Tuesday, did I tell you that I had assumed (the mother of all *&&^&-ups) that it had been sorted even before the classes had been advertised.

Tomorrow is a quick trip to a bead shop to finalise some items I need for finished pieces. Then back home to stare at my torch. I've been doing a lot of that lately. What Corina calls "TMIFMOG" syndrome = "Too many ideas for my own good" or "NIW" = "No ideas whatsoever". I think I'm afflicted with the second one.

Maybe making some finished pieces will be the charm.

chat soon...............

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Maggie said...

I love you Michelle!