Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday's traffic musings.........

Taking Josh to nursery school every morning get's my poor mind working overtime in the car.

This morning I did not succeed in avoiding the news. And there it was. This index going up, and food prices going up, and oil going up and interest rates - yep going up!!! Consumers must tighten their belts. Well, exactly how much do we need to tighten them. Mine is so tight I'm bursting at the seams.

Josh's favourite shoes are just a wee bit too small but they are the only shoes he will wear. The teacher had no problem hinting to me yesterday that they might just be a wee bit small. Yesterday afternoon resulted in a quick find of the same kind but larger size. Thank goodness only R40.00 and we needed to get a baby shower gift.

Another thought. Right now I'm besotted on making starfish. I just love making them and clearly I'm not getting bored with them but ask me to make anything else and I groan from within. Not even hearts or frogs are holding the same appeal. I could make a 100 starfish and be happy, whether I would sell a 100 starfish is another question. LOL

I'm almost certain that this beautiful sea creature has come in to my life to guide me and get me through these trying times.

With these past two shows literally crippling my business, I have to figure out how to come up with R4000.00 for next weeks exhibition/show. There is just no way I can see it happening, short of a miracle.

Off to pray for a miracle.

Chat soon........

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