Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The country it is..................

Well hubby and I had a good chat. We weighed up the pros and cons of our options and the country side won. Goodbye beautiful handcrafted Swedish Garage doors..........................but we made the right choice. This way I won't have to worry about Josh falling into a huge pool, the dogs destroying the wooden doors, the cats scratching the beautiful wood or the kids climbing All over it. These all added to STRESS not needed right now.

So now we're moving further into Kyalami. Right into horse country. Actually we are going to be surrounded by horses. The property opposite our place even has ostriches. The boys loved it when we were looking at it on Sunday. The garden is huge and we can have a vegetable garden and herb garden. And yes, I can grow plenty of roses if I wish too.

It is not as fancy as the one I fell in love with but this is our dream. Even though we might not own it we can rent for as long as we like and that suites us fine. The owner even loves the fact that I melt glass, and doesn't mind our zoo. That is a plus!!!!

The big move: 27 - 29th June 2008. We're going to be busy packing but at least we know where we are going.

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