Thursday, June 12, 2008

the Craziness continues...........

At this stage of my life I am wondering if I will ever be able to give up happy pills. Some days I think I can and the other days the strength is just not there.

By now you will have figured out that our youngest loves school. I have no problem getting him to school, it's a problem to keep him home when he's sick. LOL Two very different boys.

Josh's school sent out a newsletter today. They're getting tracksuits and t-shirts for the kiddies an idea I like but naturally it comes with a cost. They are also offering new extra murals and I know he doesn't have to do everyone. But it's hard when they feel so left out and I know with the horse riding he is going to feel 'oh so left out'. Someone give me strength!!

I am also trying to accept situations and not let anger and frustration take over. Hubby works late - accept it. Traffic is a mess - accept it. Idiots keep digging up the road - accept it. Accept, accept, accept!!!!! Anger is useless anyway. The times I do ignore it I feel better for it anyway. This is good!!

Back to working on solutions.

No news yet on the interest rates. But some say an increase will slow down the economy and lead to a recession. Recession my A$$.......more like a DEPRESSION!!!


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