Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's crazy right now.

Yep, I'm not sure where my week is going, but it is going fast.

I see I got my Tuesday and Wednesday confused but I'm hoping I'm back on track.

We'll be moving shortly. It's scary and exciting at the same time. In all honesty I cannot wait. Those of you who know me well know that complex living has on more than one time gotten to me. It is very sad to see the complex falling apart. A burst water pipe has been left for days - a dug out hole with water flowing out. Not great when we should be looking after our resources, but I get the idea that some people just don't care and that is sad.

Another thought that has been on my mind is well 'trying to make a living'. I have recently listed my work on an American website called Etsy and thanks to those who have put faith in me I have sold a few items but my views have decreased and no nibbles in sight anywhere.

Recently there has been an uproar in the bead making community where a certain person was found to be buying other people's works and selling it as her own. That is just not on. This situation has been going on for a few weeks now with no resolution in sight. With what is being said on some forums I wonder if buyers have been scared off. The powers that be, should have nipped it in the bud immediatley so to say, the need for a thread regarding this issue would most likely have fizzled out and confidence would have reigned supreme BUT the powers that be hesitated, bead makers got mad, copy threads started in ernest, and various works were put under scrutiny. I don't blame the buyers for shying away, I just wish they would come back.

Now it could also be the whole economy thing. It is bad everywhere!! Today we find out how much the interest rates are going to go up and life snowballs from there. I am really worried about surviving. For the first time, I am not quite sure about my boys birthdays and parties and such. There is sadly just no money - how do you explain that to a 7 going on 8 and a 3 going on 4 child. I can only try my best - but it is playing on my mind right now.

Bradley who is 7, is finding every excuse NOT to go to school. He has coughing fits of note at the mention of school. He is a quiet sensitive soul - I somehow think there is more to the story. Home schooling seems appealing but it scares me. What if I fail my child, what if I do more harm than anything else. But then right now at school he is not happy either. LIFE!!! Parenting is not easy and has made me appreciate my parents more for sure.

Well I have rambled on for way too long. Thank you to those of you read my blog and read my ramblings.

Hugs to you all.

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