Monday, July 21, 2008

Angry with the world vs. you're trying to rip us off

This afternoon I got very, very angry. I'm trying to explain life and death to my 8 year old son and at the same time deal with an Estate Agent who has the audacity to ask me a stupid question. Am I angry with the world? Before I could answer her she puts the phone down. Yes, I am angry at the world right now because something very sad has happened and my 8 year old is distraught - and I'm trying to fix it the best way I can. So yes I am angry at world. But I never got a chance to tell her.

The real answer which I was trying to get across to her was that I was not very appreciative of how she is trying to rip us off. Nevermind the fact that she is trying to play Ant and me against each other and other silly stupid little games she is playing through this whole sale.

Ant went past the house to discover that the 'new to be owners'...and I reiterate 'to be' have started moving stuff into the house. WTF!! We are clueless, as far as we knew they wanted to measure for curtains and kitchen cupboards - not move in. Nevermind the fact that upon speaking to the 'new to be owners' they duly informed hubby they're moving in this weekend. Another WTF moment!! But no occupational rent has been discussed nor have we been informed by anybody as to what is happening. Phone the Estate Agent who tries to tell Ant the transfer is through and it is their right to do what they want. But he hasn't signed the transfer papers. According to her - he doesn't need to sign anything, know anything or do anything.....According to the Attorney's this afternoon, he has to will take a week or so to get to the Deeds office and the transfer could only take place towards the end of August - according to the Attorney that is. One Estate Agent is trying to get them into there house rent/bond free for a month. And we must cover the costs - she's living in cloud cuckoo land right. Please tell me she has lost her senses.

She is trying to tell me Ant has okayed the move in. Uhhmmm, no he hasn't. Does she make up these conversations. She is one scary Estate Agent!!! Ant is happy with the fact that we lose R10 000 plus interest for the hell of it. No, he is not. Yes, we're struggling to survive but sure we can cover somebody else for a month. No problem....did I tell you we're stinking rich. Yes, I have to agree with myself - that woman is NUTS!!!

So yes I am angry with the world because something horrible happened and it broke my sons heart but I'm blooming PO'd with her for trying to rip us off!!!

Okay rant over, I feel better now.


angelinabeadalina said...

Lots of hugs to you and the boys, Mich! Does that agent have a cell phone or answer her home phone after hours? Make sure you and Anthony are both on the phone with her next time-- she'll have a tough time playing her games if you're both listening at the same time!

Rita'z R-tistic Ramblez said...

Angelina is so right. Witnesses are the way to go when dealing with a piece of work like her. How ridiculous to think it would be fine with you for them to live there free. WTF indeed!!!

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Give her a call and say We've changed our minds we're not selling the house we're moving back into it. We'll let you know if we ever decide to sell. When she has a hissy fit, remind her that the house belongs to you... and that anyone found in that house without express permission from you is TRESPASSING... which I bet is against the law... Even if you were rich... you certainly aren't stupid... any way to cancel this woman's contract and get a different agent?