Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Brad - The early days

Bradley, shortly after he was born. Born at 30 weeks, weighing 1.6Kg's

Our story:

We were heading for a weekend away with my BIL and sister. They had already arrived and we were on our way. Just outside Nelspruit my membranes ruptured at the time I was 22 weeks pregnant. We found a Dr's office who referred us to the Private Hospital. I was told I would lose the baby. In the meantime we had been speaking to my Dr who advised us to head straight back home and go straight to the hospital. We did that.

When the professionals gave up hope, I refused. I lay there for 8 weeks until cramps put a ding in it and an emergency caesar was performed. The fear was because there was not alot of amniotic fluid Brad could be born with hypoplastic lungs. I think that was the term. The first 24 hours were critical. The little guy had steriods pumped straight into those lungs. It was hard...I did not want to leave his side.

I sat there day in and out. Needless to say the hospital had become our home. We knew practically everyone. I watched the Sydney Olympics in that hospital while Brad was strapped to me - kangaroo care.

I still bump into the Head Sister, Wendy who ran the Neonatal ICU. She was my strength in those early days.

8 years later.............and it's hard to believe the start he had in life. It feels like it was yesterday.

Never give up............no matter what cards you are dealt cause you just never know.


angelinabeadalina said...

Mich, James was looking over my shoulder just now, and he had to have me scroll back up to see more of the pic of baby Bradley. Then I showed him the pics from the post the other day. He says to tell the boys "hello"! Oh, and he wanted to know all the important things: How old are those boys? Do they like Star Wars? Where do they live? Does their mom make beads? Hey, I like the teddy bears she made :)

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

My boys are waving 'hello' back. They're very excited to have someone say 'Hi' to them. Brad is 7 turning 8 on Sunday. Josh, is 3 years old turning 4 in September. Bradley is a Star Wars junkie. He loves it. He has a light saber that I bought him at the Toys R Us in NYC in Times Square (I felt like a kid). LOL I think it is the same one I saw in photo of yours on your blog. :)) My hubby is nicknamed Obi and he pays fortunes to go to Star Wars premiers - but I still love him. LOL Yep, I make beads. If James would like a teddy I'll see what I can do :))

Hope you're having a super day so far. Hugs