Friday, July 18, 2008

Beautiful friends!!

Do you know I have a few!!

Elaine, Carmen, Maggie, Angelina, a bunch of Divas and many others. Thank you for the kick in the ASS which was duly needed. Love ya Elaine. Can always count on you to be straight forward and honest. LOL Maggie, I hear you Angel. Moving is stressful. I tried very hard NOT to let it get to me and in all honesty I thought I could conquer the world. Give up happy pills, teach, keep at my torch and be a mom and a wife. What was I thinking. LOL Carmen, a beautiful fellow local artist. You do know I consider you to live on that otherside of the huge big pond. LOL Angelina the one who makes fab sculptures and whose blog makes me smile. Thanks for the support. The day is definitely on the up and up.

This afternoon I got to breath. Drink some wine and have some cheese (wink). We had cake, koeksisters and popcorn too. We had friends over for tea and no tea was involved but still we had FUN!!! We got to hash out homeschooling options and ideas and chat. Can I say it was a relief not be saying the whole time. Remember, keep the bead warm, keep spinning, keep turning, too much heat, not enough heat..................I had an adult conversation which did not include bead making fundamentals but the fundamentals of everyday life. Woohooo!!

I think I'm even feeling brave enough to face my torch. There are some urgent teddy's that need making. LOL As well as a bunch of tutorials that I have bought that really need some trying out.

I might just leave boxes that need to be unpacked to hubby and lock myself up in my studio.

I love you guys.....................

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Deborah's Glass Beads said...

You have taken on a lot GF. Give yourself a break. I love The Last Lecture. Go to uTube and you can see him actually giving the lecture. He is awesome. I am also reading a book right now that might speak to you. It is called The Law Of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I thought the Abraham stuff was a bit tough to take but if I replace Abraham with universe it works fine for me.

Now, go out and buy some mojito mix with the vodka in it, out a few sprigs of fresh mint at the bottom of the glass and drink up.

Love you,