Sunday, July 27, 2008

Birthday summary....

Hmmmm, thinking do I bug you now while it is still all fresh in my mind or wait for tomorrow. Then I thought, nah, I'll most certainly have plenty to tell you tomorrow.

The guests started arriving from 12pm onwards. Most of the work had been done with only a few things left to be done. Mignon and I were in the kitchen drinking champs, sorry sparkling wine while I was finishing off the last of the snacks. My parents arrived and then Tanya, Sean and the twins. Eventually we could leave the kitchen for the great outdoors. It was a beautiful and sunny day.

My dad's potje was bubbling away and by the way was very, very yummy!!! And everyone was enjoying the day and socialising. Hubby got the ribs done and by the time everyone had eaten through all the snacks, it appeared the tummies were uhhhm full. LOL. But everyone tucked in to a fabulous lunch. But wait there was still dessert. Extra, extra yummy!! Way too much and I'm not sure Tanya will ever forgive me for making her bake. Eek!!! But it was divine!! Even if there is tons of food left over.

Brad got spoilt and has a few gift vouchers - he's already hassling me to go shopping. This should be fun. I think I'll take a camping chair along - it might take a while. LOL Decisions, decisions!!

I wore my Blue Bulls rugby shirt, much to my dad's dismay. He doesn't like them - not sure telling him that I only really support them because the kicker dude is hunky didn't float well with him either. He thought I was nuts. But then we know that is nothing new. LOL There was then a heated debate about the All Blacks, Aussies and Springboks. My frantic hints to my dad finally hit home when I said but dad, Mignon is from New Zealand - LOL. They're still friends. Sport can end up rather hotly debated. LOL.

So the kitchen is a war zone. Nothing new there. I'm freezing!! But at the end of the day everyone had fun and the food was great. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Hope you have all had a super weekend.



angelinabeadalina said...

The pictures were great, especially that first shot of Bradley smiling at the camera! Looks and sounds like everyone had a fabulous time! I think I need to look up potje and see just what it is your dad was cooking :)

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

My invite must have been lost in the mail :-) Looks like it was a GREAT party, and great weather too.

Deb said...

I loved catching up on this blog entry :o) Seems you'll follow a team for the same reason as I do. ROFL!!

I shouldn't even comment on the debate your Dad had about the teams - but to me it almost seems as if we can eliminate the All Blacks out of the equation this year....much to the disgust of everyone in this house.

Why do I get odd looks when I suggest they perhaps should bring back some of the hotties they had on the squad a couple of years ago ;o)