Saturday, July 12, 2008

Estate Agents!!!!

Did I mention that the estate agent who sold our house made an appointment to meet me at the old house and collect the keys on Friday morning. Well it's been freezing cold the past couple of days and on Friday morning with everything that had to be done I made the fatal error of not dressing in layers. There I sat outside the old complex for 30 minutes freezing my butt off in my car as the heater does not work. No estate agent or assistant rocks up. I leave. Guess who phones this morning to find out why I am not there to meet her. What part of I am teaching Saturday and Sunday and only have a gap on Friday morning did her assistant not get!! Her assistant says to me that they will fetch the keys on Friday on their way to a conference. Hmmmm, now I'm the one who is the liar and has it all wrong. My student who had already arrived had to endure my yelling at the Estate Agent, I know not very professional but they have pushed too far. They think petrol grows on trees!!! Now I am the one messing her around on her day off. I told her she was lucky to have a day off as I DON'T!!!!! Because I am a SAHM, apparently I am here for her beck and call, well she had better think again.

She just got a message from me that I will no longer be available at the drop of a hat. That I will NO longer be going to the old house and it can stay the way it is!! I have been cleaning and scrubbing in between my life here and there. No more will I be cleaning and scrubbing at the old house - the way she has handled this whole sale has left me very disheartened and once again I have had to learn the lesson that no one else ever has your best interests at heart. They are purely out there for themselves.

I have not had an outburst like that for a while. I have been getting into the groove over here where stress has taken a back seat until today that it is. What is about Estate Agents that make you want to run for cover.

The good news is that I had a FANTASTIC student. She did brilliantly!!! I might just sneak a pic of her beads. Wow!!!

Now I am back to freezing my butt off. A boerboel who wants to be cuddled and a ton of housework waiting for me. Yep, I deserve a day off!! I am really PO'd by her assumption that because I am at home, everyday for me is a day off. Her attitude sucks and I have been truly angered and hurt by it. Silly I know, but I hate it when people take the high road that because they have a 9 - 5 job they're just so much more important.

Me, who is patiently waiting for my day off!! A day for me where I can do what I want to do not just want has to be done or needs to be done.

Thank goodness teaching is way more fun than work!!!!!!


angelinabeadalina said...

Hope the rest of your weekend is better. Try as we might to not let things like that get to us, it happens, so know you are not alone... Glad your teaching session went so well and helped make up for the other not so smooth part of the day.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Hey Mich... you go girl... best stress reliever in the world.. dressing down the Real Estate Agent... who RICHLY earned it. Your time is valuable, don't let her waste any more of it.... Being a Mom is the most important job in the world... and don't you forget it.