Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday morning pics

The makings of a veggie garden...
It has begun. We have some seeds and that but I'm hoping to find some actual seedlings especially when it comes to tomatoes. I think the boys and I are going to have fun. The idea is to plant lettuce, celery, beans, tomatoes (small and big) and some spinach.

Camera shy Smudge.......they're too cute for there own good. LOL

Smudge and Cuddles in the food bowl. Hoping I'll catch them eating an apple at sometime. They love those.

Smudge in the bowl. He/she has the most amazing little eyes.

It is most certainly a dog's life. Bailey snuggled on the be with Josh.

It is Sunday morning. A whole new day. We had some rain last night. Not usual for our area in winter but it was nice. Maybe my lemon grass will recover. I hope so.

Hubby and the kiddies will go and get some of my favourite organic compost for the veggie garden sometime today and I might just beg them to find some tomatoe plants. Celery is major important because Habana our female piggie just loves the stuff. LOL

I have many musings going on in this crazy head of mine. Most importantly the role of the Stay at home mom. I'm sure worldwide we are unappreciated but in our country I feel even more so. The attitude of the Real Estate Agent has just not been sitting well with me at all. I keep telling myself to let it go. To have peace within me I need to let it go. So I am trying very hard.

I have a high school qualification and nothing much else. I am a white female which counts against me right now and if you're a white male even more so - so jobs are not easy to come by. Actually finding a job means aftercare and all of that would eat any potential salary I could earn. So not only would I be away from my kiddies all day and have someone else raise them, I would effectively be working to someone else can raise my kiddies and all of this so society can respect me because I have a job. I say go to HELL!!! Somethings are just far more important, like raising decent kiddies.

My passion is melting glass, being a lampworker. I'm not sure if I've reached artist status or not but does it matter. I enjoy teaching and that is where the largest chunk of my income comes from. I can assure you that my pendants and beads will not make me rich - especially in a country where the economy is KAK (crap) and most people do not even know what a lampworker is or for that matter the quality of a true handmade lampworked bead.

I feel like a butterfly breaking through it's cocoon and going through another lifestage. I was chatting with my student and we were discussing not living in town so to say. It struck me that just moving 10km's has made a huge difference. She lives just opposite the main road in the same area. I cook more now that I ever used to and I enjoy it. I am more relaxed around my boys and we are spending more time outside. I don't feel cramped and stuck. I love making my herbal cup of tea and sitting on the porch and just staring into oblivion and thinking even if it is too cold to be sitting outside. I love to take a walk around our huge garden and plan my next gardening move. And I really must get that scale fixed. LOL Where homeschooling scared the bejeesus out of me, I now look forward to it.

There is more value to a Stay-at-home-mom than Society gives us credit for. And no we cannot spend huge amounts of money on designer hair do's, fancy smancy nails, and designer wear but I know who I am, I am comfortable being a 'slumpadink' and doing what is important to me far outways being stuck in a career that I hate. Yes, I had the career believe it or not - but even though days are stressful sometimes I'd never swop this life for anything.


angelinabeadalina said...

Hugs, hugs, hugs. It's not easy being a SAHMom, just as it's not easy being a working mom...different daily worries, but still the same worries about whether we are doing enough. When we can let go of the differences and support one another's efforts, we all win. I hope that estate agent learns that some day.

P.S. I am in love with Bailey's adorable face :)

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

My Mom was a SAHMom, and so were all my friends Moms... I never got to stay home with my daughter... had to support her... I had lousy taste in men early in life... my daughter is a SAHMom and I am so proud of her... and so glad she is able to give her children what I wasn't able to give her... time, kids need their Mum... you are doing what you need to do...and trust me, those working ladies are green with envy... that's why they try to put you down... You are the best... doing the most important work there is.