Thursday, July 24, 2008

Flatulent Bailey...........Eish!!!!!!

A rather uhhm, smelly subject. LOL

This is Bailey our Boerboel puppy, peacefully sleeping under my desk with his soft blankie and chew toy snuggled in behind him. What Bailey is not aware of is how noxious he is. Yowser!! My oh my........I need a gas mask. And it seems exceptionally worse at night. Luckily an article/advert caught my eye in the little paper that arrives weekly or so at Josh's school. It was also a reminder as I had run across these people in Cape Town. The crowd. They have a Flatulent Preventer for pets. I'm thinking it is worth a try - something has got to work. I'm hoping, no praying it is something he will grow out of. Anthony thinks I'm delusional but then what is new.


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Might want to check what he's eating... may be time to change his food. My Border Collie was that way if he ate anything with tomatoes in it or on it... so no left over Pizza or spaghetti for him... did I mention my dog's LOVE people food.. they eat Purina dog food, with a few left overs from time to time.

Maggie said...

We have beano for people with that same problem! Hope you can find relief. :)

angelinabeadalina said...

Aw, but he looks so snuggably cute there under your desk! Hope you figure out something to reduce his little problem. Dogs are so lovable and loving, but ewwwwwww, they do have a knack for gross and smelly, don't they, LOL...another favorite is when they get a bath and then have to go outside and roll in some "good" smells so they'll smell like a dog again :)