Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The lame excuse!!

Why is it men can never truly understand how us women think?? Why is it that they don't understand that we view the world in totally different manner than they do??

Apparently I misunderstood his intentions and was really reading more into what was not said than was. He claims the reason why he didn't tell me about the tax refund was not a 'TRUST' issue but more of a 'he had other uses for it' than telling me. I still claim he didn't trust me and who can fault the poor guy - I have a tenacity for shopping. But I also fully comprehend what huge DOO-DOO we're in.

So that's it in a nutshell. Yes, he may be forgiven that doesn't mean I've forgotten. Oh and believe me when I say I still think he is speaking the biggest load of DOO-DOO but what the heck I love him. LOL

Did I over react?????????????? Let me know.


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Ok Waving my hand here... I do the taxes at our house, I also get the refunds (if any) deposited to my account, and no I do not tell the DH how much it was (he's the shopper not me)... for the last couple of years we've ended up owing more at the end of the year... which is good, I hate lending money to the government LOL.... so I'll bow out on this argument... since I think the person paying the taxes is entitled to the refund... because paying taxes pretty much SUKS no matter where you are.

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Elaine, LOL.

I can understand that.....

But remember this is coming from a man who claims to share everything from penny to news. He never holds out on me and this time he did. I would never have spent it. I was just so freaking worried about living in general that the dude could have said - we have a buffer. LOL The stress that week could have been WAY LESS!!

Love ya girlfriend!!