Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Finding silver linings.........

No not the bead kind. LOL

After having a good heart to heart with a very good friend - I made it my mission to find silver linings to situations. I'm still looking but at least I'm more upbeat than I was this morning.

Some obstacles I have come across have resulted in the opening of new doors. Therein lies a silver lining itself. Tackling problems from different angles means you just might find the answer. And one answer I did find today.

There is a crowd in SA wanting to start Bead Making Factories. They offer 'too good to be true' deals and that is just what they are way too good to be true. If I honestly believed I could make that sort of money in glass bead making without jeopardising my integrity then I would jump at it. The thing is I cannot find a way of doing it and keeping my integrity. Why do we have to be another country partaking in the mass production of beads. No silver lining but a distraction none the less.

While contemplating the issue of art vs. making stuff that sells (and I dearly wanting to be making stuff that sells), this whole SA Factory issue got me thinking before I actually sold my soul.


What do you do when you need to put food on the table. Do you sell a fraction of your soul - do you take what is selling put your own flare on it and sell it?

I have a bunch of frits that I imported that I haven't had a chance to focus on selling but are just sitting on my website. Not sure if I can even sell them here, heaven only knows I've tried in the past. Maybe I should offer some packages for other beadmakers. Any thoughts.................


angelinabeadalina said...

Hugs, Mich, hugs.

Okay, the silver linings debate/peptalk is one that comes up fairly often in this household, so here's my take on it. Not everybody can always be an optimist, but being a complete pessimist will suck your soul dry so at least try to find some good in one thing each day.

Now, being the pessimistic optimist (or am I an optimistic pessimist?) that I am, I can usually see the glass as half full. On the other hand, my DH calls himself a realist, but I tell him he's really so pessimistic that he not only doesn't see the glass as half empty,he sees it as completely empty except for the drop of poison Fate spit into it, LOL

Anonymous said...

Go Girl. One step at a time. I firmly believe that if you are putting out neg energy that is what you attract. By shifting your focuse and trying to find some thing positive, I feel you are more likely to attract positive energy.

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

I read a book once on 'selling' jewelry... and he spent Monday on production and selling $5 items... he made stuff that sold and he kept the prices low so that people would buy (think spacers)... He actually sold the stuff on street corners... then he did his ART jewelry the rest of the week... think about it... set aside a day a week to make what sells... even if it's boring stuff.