Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rollercoaster Ride

I think I like my weekends more than I do my weeks. The days shouldn't be much different from each other but they are. Weekends I feel I can relax. When I'm relaxed I feel I can beat everything, I feel upbeat and confident. Come to week days - and my bravado fails me. I slink back into a hole where I want to curl up and hide.

I'm angry at our Estate Agent and the buyers of our house and with that I guess I am a bit angry at hubby too, because at the end of it he has the final say, I guess. We get conned into letting these buyers move into our house, rent free. With assurances that the transfer will be through soon. The said buyer messes up with his I.D. document which causes delays and results in their Bank reassessing their loan/bond. We now sit in limbo. They have been staying rent free for over a month, they have screwed up and yet the financial risk is all ours. They have done alterations without our permission - are we responsible for those. I don't think so. Yet, that will be pushed on us. I am tired of waiting....everyday waiting for the answer that will either set us free or become doom and gloom. I am trying not to have any expectations until Friday. Why Friday - cause I cannot wake up Thursday where every minute will be 'have they got an answer yet'.

I believe we should sell one of our cars and get a scooter and what is left over can be used for survival. A scooter is more efficient when it comes to petrol and is easier to get through busy traffic. The downfall is it is very hazardous - the way people in cars drive you would literally be putting your life on the line. I'm sure there are many scooter drivers out there and you don't hear of disasters every day. That should count for something. There could be hope.

I'm trying to decide if I really need my tumble dryer or not. I guess the next luxurious item would be the dishwasher. But these two items essentially make my job as houseslave much much easier and I am I quite certain at the moment that I just can't give them up.

Hanging tough.....................

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angelinabeadalina said...

Mich, unless you can sell the dryer for a lot of money, why not keep it and just not use it as often? That way, maybe you can save some on the utility bill by hanging out clothes in the summertime coming up, but still have the dryer available in the winter? (Although, I think my mom even used her clothesline in the winter as much as possible, I vote for no frozen fingers!)

Btw, if you understand enough to know what would be selling your soul, then you are wise enough to find your boundaries...it's the people who never question these thoughts who end up selling their soul and sometimes not even realizing they've done it.