Sunday, September 21, 2008

Today's Patch : Sandpit funtime

It's a work in progress but for now it is usable and the boys are happy. The decorative part which does not interest them in the least will happen in stages. My vision is that it will be rather 'cool' once complete.

My only wish is that we had done it sooner. It has kept the boys outside for most of the afternoon. They have barely even looked at the TV and even better yet, Brad has not even switched on the PS2. Woohoo!!

I'm also eyeing out a book about things to do outside. Way cool, in my book.

I have started a journey and some days it scares the HELL out of me and some days I ENJOY it but one thing for sure is that I am getting to spend quality time with my boys.

As soon as I can sort out photo's - for some reason the card reader is acting up. I'll post pics of phase 1 and 2. The rest is purely decorative stuff and that will need to be done is stages as finances allow. The idea is to sort of create an 'Enchanted World' where Faeries, dragons, goblins and the sort hang out. Sort of a cool boy place but where girls will most certainly feel welcome.

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angelinabeadalina said...

Oh, it sounds like a magical place to play, Mich! I'll bet the boys are going to be enchanted by it for a long time to come :)