Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gran is determind to hang around for a bit

I took the chance today while Anthony was home sick with some bug to go and visit my Gran. This time I took some flowers and framed photo's of the boys and me, if anything to brighten up her hospital room.

When I got there it finally tinged in my brain that the drip was no longer in and panic set in. Why was it gone?? Took a quick stroll over to the nurses station - not too far as it is right outside Gran's room to enquire what was on or not on. Hmmmm. Apparently the Dr had said to remove it and that he was even considering discharging her tomorrow. WTF!! I hope he rethinks his decision tomorrow. She ate a teeny bit of mash and mince and has had a few sips of tea. Not the greatest recovery, if any recovery at all. She is very, very frail and has no idea what is going on around her or who is even visiting her.

But Gran is hanging in there. It breaks my heart to see her suffering like this. I only hope and pray that Gran is treated with some dignity in her final moments.

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