Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Don't wanna get on!!

If life goes according to my bathroom scale, I don't wanna get on. Tomorrow is weigh-in and I'd love not to get on the scale tomorrow. For once I strongly believe that it will go up instead of down. Bummer!!

I joined a local gym last weekend and have been going practically everyday except for yesterday. I've done cardio, various classes and had fun!! But eeeeek - that number just doesn't want to budge this week. I think I could turn my scale upside down - nothing will help.

I am definitely enjoying the gym experience. Most of the time we (the boys and me) are there in the afternoons when it is at it's quietest, which is heaven. My sister has been keen to do more group activities which means going to gym in the evenings. Tonight we tried Tai Chi and I LOVED it...., tomorrow we'll be doing water aerobics but at some stage I need to squeeeeeeze in some more cardio. The boys are a great motivator - they just want to go and naturally trying to get them to come home is a challenge but a promise to return the next day seems to work.

I am also looking into a pedometer - the one I am looking at can actually be connected to your PC and the info downloaded and I guess you track it. It connects to the same page that has all my gym info and tracking my progress online is turning out to be fun.

We have also joined another programme through our medical aid. We earn discount on healthy food options at our one retailer. When we make our purchases we hand over our card, it tracks what we purchase and once a month we receive 25% back on certain food items - thinking we can use that as a special treat and it is a motivator to buy fresh fruit and veg, fat free milk/yoghurt and many other healthy options. In this economy getting anything back is a bonus!!

Anyway, time to hit the sack. I'm going to try and build up some courage for that scale tomorrow. Wish me luck................!!



rosebud101 said...

Good luck and think positive thoughts!

Wilmoth Farms Rachel & Her Farmer said...

dont forget muscle ways more than fat...go by the clothes as they get bigger and bigger on you! Your on the right track..I'm rooting for you!

Deronda designs... said...

That's right...muscle does weigh more than fat.

I love fresh fruits and veggies, just wish we could get good ones all year round.

Diana Ferreira said...

WOW for your meical aid for giving back on your healty food purchases! That is just another incentive to eat right and live healthy.

You are on the righ track, girl. This past week's weight gain is muscle that is growing. Give yourself a break and enjoy the time at the gym with the kiddies!

Speak to u soon!

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