Friday, March 13, 2009

I just had to check my Hotmail!

New Private Message at Torch Bugs: A Forum for Lampwork Glass Beads and Jewelry‏
Torch Bugs: A Forum for Lampwork Glass Beads and Jewelry (
12 March 2009 10:56:11 AM
DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL!*************************** Dear 2Glassy4U,

Dear 2Glassy4U, You have received a new private message at Torch Bugs: A Forum for Lampwork Glass Beads and Jewelry from Frogsongstudio, entitled "Fair notice". To read the original version, respond to, or delete this message, you must log in here: This is the message that was sent:

***************I have banned both of your other ID's and I'm giving you fair notice that if I find you registering with another ID I'll ban every one of them, including this one. Multiple registrations are not allowed and anyone caught doing it will be permanently banned. This includes logging in under a friends ID which will get you both banned. I like ****** and I would like to continue doing so. Deb***************

Again, please do not reply to this email. You must go to the following page to reply to this private message: All the best,Torch Bugs: A Forum for Lampwork Glass Beads and Jewelry


Just so we are clear I have never had to use anybody else's ID to get any information from your forum or any forum for that matter. An innocent fellow local lampworker is now being accused of conspiring with me. Your battle is with me and no one else. Got it!!

I sincerely hope that Deb contacts this lampworker and apologises for jumping to conclusions. But I doubt that is your style!!


Kyfarmlife said...

WOW! I do believe you are better off not being with the forum...looks to me like some low class people not only run it...but are in there waiting to pounce! Your style or maturity there....dont let this get you have much more important things to do than waste time on adolesent behavior! You are talented and kind...they dont deserve you!

DianaDesigns said...

Oh good grief! What a bunch of fools. They call YOU paranoid, I think they really need mirrors. I am not sure if they mean me in that silly theory but, Ya, like we are all conspiring against them, like WE don't have lives like them. Give me a break. I got better things to do then waste my time on those vain, egotistical, bloated bunch of blow hards.
Oh and that email is just SO positive isn't it...

Deb said...

They be kind of shagged if you used a proxy when you surfed Mich ;o)